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How to Make Money with eBay

By: Ryan Even

Auctions / Classifieds Youíve probably heard about eBay, unless youíve been living in a cave for the past few years. Odds are that youíve either bought or sold something on eBay too. But you may not know how to make any real money with eBay. Well, here are a few very good suggestions.

The first way how to make money with eBay is by just looking around your house for things you donít want anymore that other people may find valuable. Pay particular attention to the things you have in your closets and in the attic. Clothes with the tags still on (provided they arenít out of style) will fetch a very good price. So will antiques that might be just gathering dust in your attic or basement. Just make sure you donít sell something thatís very valuable.

The second way you can make money on eBay is by taking advantage of after holiday sales. Go shopping right after Christmas especially. Get the decorations that are on sale. Go shopping after Halloween too. Get costumes that are on sale. Then wait until the holiday comes back around and sell the things on eBay. Theyíll be much cheaper than the stores are charging but more expensive than what you paid.

Another way how to make money with eBay is to buy the cheap eBooks you see on eBay. You know, the ones you see that are like a dollar or less. Buy one of these books and dress it up. Improve the listing on eBay and give the book a new and improved cover. Then sell it for $9.99. Youíll be pleasantly surprised how many people will buy the more attractive book (your book) just because it looks better.

If you have your own product and/or website then you can also write your own report and sell it on eBay for less than a dollar. Just make sure the information in it is valuable and that you include links to your site and/or product. That way you can make more money by making a little bit of money.

The final way to make money on eBay is by simply taking advantage of great sales you see in stores. For example, sometimes major department stores need to liquidate one product or another just to get rid of it. Itís not uncommon to find shirts for less than five bucks or something like slippers for only a dollar. Buy these things and then sell them on eBay. With a one dollar pair of slippers you can start the bidding at 99 cents and charge four dollars for shipping and youíve already made a profit.

There are many great ways to make good money with eBay. And many of the ways cost you next to nothing. With a little time and effort, you can surely make a decent amount of money.

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