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Common Things That Newbies Do Wrong In Network Marketing

By: Cindy Heller

Home Business It doesn't matter if you are the President of some country or a beggar on the street, becoming involved in network marketing means you start from ground zero. A system will need to be religiously followed if you are to attain a lucrative income in network marketing. Learning from somebody is what it's all about.

An example...An experienced businessman wants to become a part of a network marketing company. Instead of conforming to an already established system, he decides to venture out on his own, rents an office, hires a staff, creates a sales team and sends them out to bring in money. After spending thousands on capital alone, he has very little to nothing to show for his efforts. Unfortunately, his staff and sales team cannot make a copy of the process. There were no upline mentors to guide them and no money paid to ask for this help. These staff members and sales team are on their own to recruit other individuals and a few have very little to no experience in sales. It is almost like the "blind leading the blind". To grope in a business venture like network marketing is a sure guarantee for failure. There needs to be a helping hand.

As the mentioned businessman, what is being done now will be copied by the downlines and most are not trained as sales people. Unfortunately most newbie downlines are now selling an opportunity to people who do not like being sold to let alone being recruited. People want solutions to their problems, not an opportunity.

Coming across as someone who is eager to get into a person's wallet will seem as if you are begging for anyone to join the network marketing business. Just think, the money spent on high class business suits only to sound like a beggar. How many people are willing to join when they themselves are unable to afford a high class business suit and just want solutions to their problems. Prospective newbies do not like aggressive tactics; they want to see something for their money.

In the game of network marketing, the ball is in your court. You are helping potential newbies realize this; your job is not to convince them. Because you are concerned and want to deal with people's problems, people will be attracted to you and hopefully they will ask for opportunities that you can offer them.

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