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Choosing the correct Promotional Mug every time

By: Remy Lebeau

Marketing and Advertising Promotional Mugs are everyday items that almost every person has because so many businesses believe in them. Young or old, all enjoy taking a warm or cold beverage by holding the handle of a favorite Coffee Mug, feeling its smooth exterior and its promise of a soothing sip of its contents within. Promotional Mugs please everybody especially because they are gifts; Promotional Mugs are not discarded like other promotional items and are one of the best marketing investments a company can ever make. Promotional Mugs are sure to make the rounds around an office during coffee breaks letting more people see them and creating advertising mileage!

Choose Promotional Mugs as if you were shopping for a Mug of your own. Who knows when Shop 4 Mugs delivers them to your door you may be tempted to bring one home or keep one to proudly display in the office. Promotional Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, it is always best to search for a Promotional Mugs that identifies with your type of business for easier recall. Large Promotional Mugs show size while smaller Promotional Mugs exude an image of elegance. Promotional Mugs care constructed out of a wide array of possible materials, if your company projects a high tech image go for a lustrous metallic finish if you want to portray an image of stability try a Promotional Mugs constructed out of classic ceramic or glass.

Once you have selected a Promotional Mugs model you like try the design studio feature to upload an image of your logo or message and instantly view it superimposed on your selected Promotional Mugs. Alternately you can call the toll free number at the top right of this page and let one of our account managers help you upload the logo or instruct you on how to do it yourself if you wish. The next steps are easy as your dedicated Account Manager will be happy to assist you in your order.

Rest assured that you always get the best possible price, we even back it up with a Low Price Guarantee!

Shop 4 Mugs has supplied Promotional Mugs for many Fortune 500 companies; whether you are a large company or a small start up Promotional Mugs is a sure way of getting your business remembered with existing and potential clients. Promotional Mugs increase recall as they are carried around enabling more people to see your logo.

Promotional Mugs increase the number of inquiries as you can print valuable contact information letting more people reach you.

There is no question as to the effectiveness of Promotional Mugs uses whether as a thank you token or as a means of increasing company awareness. Each Promotional Mug is durable and will continue to promote your company for years to come.

Remy is a Promotional Adviser specialising on Custom Logo Mugs, Printed Travel Mugs, and Promotional Coffee Mugs
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