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Wedding dress design

By: Paul Escobedo

Marriage What design of wedding gown are you thinking of getting? Haven’t got a clue yet? You may want to try a wedding dress design program. There are many places that you can find on the Internet that will let you design your own wedding dress.

Besides designing your own wedding dress, you can visit many wedding shops and boutiques to get the very latest ideas on wedding dress design. Perhaps you have a certain designer in mind.

One such designer that comes to mind is Vera Wang. In the wedding industry, she has become a veritable icon in America. Vera Wang has a selection of wedding gowns that is sure to please any woman on her very special day. The designs of Vera Wang distinguish brides with a sense lf elegance and style.

Vera Wang had once been a competitive skater and had gained public recognition for having designed a creation for Nancy Kerrigan to wear in the 1992 Olympics.

Wang has become a favorite with celebrities as her wedding dress designs have been worn by such celebrities as Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Karenna Gore.

Vera Wang creates wedding gowns that are elegant and simple. Each gown is timeless and classic. Vera Wang also creates more elaborate wedding gowns that have lace and beads but her gowns never lose that timeless feel.

Every bride wishes to be one-of-a kind and beautiful on her wedding day. Rather than being satisfied with a dress off the rack, has the thought ever crossed your mind that you should get a vintage wedding dress? Here you can have the classic beauty of a vintage wedding dress that harkens back to an earlier time and can transport you and your whole entourage to a magical place. You can often find a vintage wedding dress that offers exquisite workmanship and detail for just a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a modern wedding dress.

Where would you shop for a vintage wedding dress? What pitfalls should you avoid when buying such a dress?

Avoid dresses needing repairs or that have stains – It is very difficult to get a stain out no matter how long it has been on the dress. Also, it is quite difficult to match a vintage fabric with a modern one. That would make it very hard to patch or repair a vintage wedding dress. If you find one that you simple adore but it needs repairing, be prepared to pay $200 or more to get it fixed by a skilled seamstress.

Be on your guard about the oldest dresses – Fabric tends to weaken and deteriorate over time. However, because a vintage wedding dress was used for a special occasion, it has probably been worn and handled much less than other garments. For that reason, it may be in better shape. Take some time stretching the fabric taking note of any weakening.

Know what your budget is before you shop – A good rule of thumb for any wedding gown shopping is to know how much you have to spend. In this way, you will not fall in love with something that is unattainable.

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