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Destination wedding dress shop

By: Paul Escobedo

Marriage Now that you are ready to visit a wedding dress shop, here are some helpful hints that will help you during your visit:

Make an appointment You should make an appointment at least two weeks in advance of visiting the bridal boutique. Some wedding dress shops may take walk-ins, but this is not the normal procedure.

Allow enough time You will want to allow at least an hour or two to try on wedding gowns. When you schedule an appointment, try to make it on a weekday when the wedding dress shop is less busy. Then you will be able to spend more time talking with your sales person and trying on different gowns.

Be prepared You will find that most wedding dress shops do not have showrooms where you can browse through their dress collection. Usually the dresses are kept in the back room, and the sales person will bring out dresses that she feels will be best suited for you. Therefore, you should try to bring in pictures from magazines of the dress of your dreams or at least a description of your dress. With a limited amount of time, this will help the person who is waiting on you be able to identify dresses to bring out to you so that your visit will be most productive.

Your budgets Always have a price range in mind, and discuss this with your sales person. This will allow your sales person to only bring out dresses that are within your budget.

One of the most exciting and important decisions a new bride can make is what type of wedding gown she will wear. You will have a lot more options if you plan a destination wedding. Following are a couple of tips that will help you select your destination wedding dress:

Dress for the weather If you plan on a tropical wedding, pick something that flows such as light satin, silk or cotton. If you are getting married in Hawaii, some daring brides will opt for a batik type dress to get into the island spirit. If you select a cooler destination, wear sleeves and layered or heavy material. Many brides will opt for a destination wedding dress that is simply cut and less bulky. It is much easier to transport a flexible fabric.

Choose your color Destination weddings tend to be a little less on the formal side than a traditional wedding. If you plan a beach wedding, you may want to wear a print such as little, pale roses. You may want to consider a pale pastel material that is topped with a soft white contrasting veil. Do not discount the traditional look. If you have always dreamed of a full skirt that has lots of lace, then go for it. The sky is the limit with a destination wedding.

The main thing is to have fun! Make sure you try on enough gowns in order to find a destination wedding dress that will make your day a truly memorable one. Be creative, and you are bound to find a destination wedding dress fit for the occasion.

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