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Do Me a Favor: Bridal Shower Favors & Personalized Wedding Favors, That Is

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Let’s face it ladies, your wedding day is the one day you think about your whole life. Each of us is guilty of it, and men know it just as well as we do. You have dreamed of this moment forever and now that moment is finally here. You have picked out your dress, booked the location, found the perfect flowers, and ordered your favorite cake. So, what comes next? One of the most important accents to add to your wedding day are the wedding favors.

Personalized wedding favors show your guests that you are happy they attended your special day, and allows them to take a souvenir of your love home. Now most brides believe this adds a load of pressure on them, but relax we are here to help you get through that.

What’s so wonderful about personalized wedding favors is that they allow you to express how unique you can be. For example, should you and the love of your life choose a rockabilly themed wedding, why not pass out personalized playing cards tied with ribbon so your guests know who the king and queen of hearts really are? Engraved wine bottle stoppers for the vineyard event are a perfect way to remind your guests for years to come that your hearts will always pour out love for each other.

These are just a couple examples of how fun unique personalized wedding favors can be. Everything from personalized napkins and place cards to love themed wedding favors come in a vast array of styles and colors to choose from. These options allow you to select favors that will fuse with your décor while accenting the most memorable day of your new life together.

This also goes for all you Maids of Honor out there. Planning that perfect bridal shower can be tough on your own, but look no further we have you covered! Bridal shower favors can be some of the most creative souvenirs. Spa days for ladies offer the perfect chance to personalize flip flops, or find that perfect nail color and name it after the blushing bride. There are all sorts of fun bridal shower favors out there, all you have to do is be creative. Do not stress about messing this up, remember to have fun with the fact you are participating in a huge part of the bride’s special day and she will appreciate your love and support. If you remember that, your choices will be much easier and from the heart making them perfect.

Now do not get discouraged if you do not have a ton of money to drop on personalized wedding favors/ bridal shower favors. We understand that while this a wonderful time for you, it is also very stressful and expensive. We are here to help you as well. There are many low cost options when it comes to favors. Simple manicure sets wrapped in a beautiful ribbon, or personalized drink coasters with the recipe of the brides favorite drink embellished on them make excellent bridal shower favors. There are also personalized bubbles, and candies for your wedding. How about bound birdseed tagged with your names and your special date? Not to mention the cost and eco friendly factor in these personalized wedding favors and bridal shower favors, but each of these choices will give you a chance to show your loved ones who you as the couple are together.

Just remember that when it comes down to it, this is YOUR day. Do not forget to have fun with it and express yourself. Personalized wedding favors and bridal shower favors are supposed to be fun for you, so enjoy this part of it you are making your own memories!

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