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Your CV / Resume for working abroad

By: Richard Penfold

Careers You have had enough that's it. You've decided to emigrate leave your old life behind and start again.

You've picked the country you want to move to know what visas/ work permits you need and now it's time to start looking for that all important job.

Where do you start? First thing is to look at your CV/ resume.

Why? Different countries have different standards. Some like factual CV /resumes others like will like a sales document.

How do you prepare yourCV/ Resume to work abroad?

You will find the basic resume outline for the country you want to work in.

Let me explain, if you wanted a job in Germany for instance you must include a photograph (remember to put your details on the back of the picture).

You present your Resume / CV in a binder and include copies of all your education certificates and any references from former employers.

They are not interested in your personal hobbies, but applicants should include their parents' details and occupations.

Resumes / CVs follow a strict chronological order starting with employment details and ending with education.

Your Resume / CV should be signed below on the right, next to the place and date in the left-hand corner.

However in Australia they would be interested in your personal interests, especially if you were a president of a club or a football captain etc.

In France they are also very interested in your personal interests but unlike Australia you must include a handwritten cover letter with your CV/ Resume (the only exceptions are to be found in some parts of the IT sector).

In Japan you would need to fill out a Rirekisho. A Rirekisho is more a personal profile than a way to show your talents. Japanese companies would not want a sales CV/ Resume they want someone that shows them they are a team player.

Want to work in the UK then your CV/Resume must show what you have achieved you must sell yourself to the employer. Give highlights of your achievements not a complete detailed account of every task.

However if you where applying for a job in Russia your CV/ Resume would need to be hand-written and extremely detailed. You would not be able to put in bullet points, you would have to write full sentences and explain everything that you had done.

In New Zealand your CV/ Resume would be less structured with no set format and can be up to 3 pages.

Leave out Age, gender, marital status, ethnicity or health.

They also like plain looking document so only use a basic font such as Times New Roman, Garamond or Arial.

Whatever country you are thinking about emigrating to, please remember some basic advice.

Always include your telephone number with the international dialling code and up to date Email address. Another very important thing to remember is time zones.

It would be a very good idea to check how far forward or back there times are and make a suggestion when the best time to ring would be, otherwise you may get a call at 3 o'clock in the morning and you might not sound your best.

Hope you found this information useful and good luck with your new life.

Richard has been working in the recruitment industry for 11 years and specialises in Risk Management and Business Continuity. http://www.sentient-recruitment.com/how-to-prepare-a-resume-to-work-abroad.html. For detailed information on other countries please visit us.
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