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How to select Wedding Favors?

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Wedding is every bride’s dream and she wants it to be the most memorable and thrilling event of her life. To make it her day, it involves a long -term groundwork. All the preparations should be done with keeping customs and traditions in mind.To give wedding a traditional touch, wedding favors play an important part.People living in different countries have different customs and traditions. So do their ways of celebrating this ceremony.

Earlier a wedding used to be simple with rituals, good food and good clothes.As the time has changed, so has the concept of wedding. Now-days there are services provided to organise a wedding. Sharing something personal, like wedding with your guests can be incredible, if customs and traditions are taken along.All the things used for decorations are significant, as they depict the taste and class of the family. The gift to be given also symbolises the affection and gratitude of the bride towards the guests.

Giving of wedding favors originated in Europe, where the gifts were given at weddings. These gifts were given by the bride to her friends and relatives to thank them for coming and being a part of her day.

Traditionally it was considered lucky to take wedding favors from the hands of the bride and groom. Earlier sugar coated almonds were the common wedding favors. These almonds symbolized luck for wealth, happiness, fertility, health, and a long life. These days the sphere of wedding favors has been enlarged. They are not only important as the sign of affection and gratitude, but are integral part of wedding decorations.

While choosing wedding favors you should remember three things, theme, colour and venue of the wedding.

If the colour of the wedding scheme is chocolate with every thing chocolate in colour then the wedding favors should be in same colour example a box of chocolate cookies.

In the same way if the wedding is based on a traditional theme, the wedding favors can be something traditional like decoration pieces.

Venue also plays an important role in selecting wedding favors. To make your friends remember the day and the ambience of the venue, it is best to buy something traditional of that place as the wedding favours. . Wedding favors can be made personalized by adding a personal touch to the gift. As these wedding favours are to be with the guests for ever ,we can add something like a card with Thank you" message or names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, cookies tin or some decorating pieces, flowers seeds favors to give that gift your personal touch. By adding these small gestures, it makes the wedding a memorable moment for the guests who come for the wedding.

Unique wedding favors: Every couple wants their wedding to be the best. They want everything special. Today, there are many unique wedding favors that are the best way to commemorate that special day. A unique wedding favors can be a special scripts with the photograph of the couple and a message written by the couple on it.

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