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How the DJ can make or break your San Diego Wedding

By: Matt Phipps

Marriage If you are planning a Wedding in San Diego California, then I am sure you have been told that the DJ you choose for your wedding reception can either make it or break it. Why is this such a common phrase these days? And why does the entertainment have such an impact on the course of the evening? It is evident that there is a lot of competition between DJ companies in San Diego and Southern California as a whole which probably comes from the beautiful weather, homes, restaurants and venues throughout the county. Let's find out exactly why and how the DJ for your wedding reception in San Diego can either make, or break it.

If you view many of the websites for these entertainment and DJ companies you will see a lot of self-righteous claims about how the DJ will not only provide music for your wedding, but will also perform at the capacity of a reception coordinator, or something to that effect. This is true. The wedding coordinator is typically best for the ceremony and actually planning of the wedding (booking a location, entertainment, florist, catering and arranging the ceremony). After dinner is served, is when the DJ or Emcee will take over and become a larger coordinator of the events and arrangement. This right here, is exactly why so many people, put so much weight in impact of a wedding DJ. There are many people who simply purchase home stereo equipment and claim to be a DJ who have no idea how to run the standard wedding itinerary. People often think they can save money by plugging in an ipod to a decent stereo system, which is truly not the case. If you do not have an arrangement of events and someone taking charge in the where and when of the event, it will either fall apart or people will go home early and you basically had yourself a really expensive dinner party.

If you dig even deeper into the inherent responsibilities of a Wedding DJ, you will see that this is just the beginning. Often times the DJ of a Wedding reception will perform as the mini-crisis manager or safety net, so to speak. If you are having your wedding at a family or friends back yard where you are having catering come to serve your guests and they happen to be understaffed, a good DJ will actually come away from his music playing and help out the catering staff to ensure that evening maintains it's time line of events (or itinerary). If there is something that everyone needs to hear, like a freeway closure on the way home, or a reminder to turn off all cell phones prior to the ceremony, the DJ will act as the Emcee by making these announcement with experience and confidence so that all of your guests are well informed. This is extremely important if a very unfortunate event were to happen at your event. This is also important in keeping your guests entertained. A good DJ will use the microphone and events of the itinerary as a tool to keep your guests there and entertained. For example: if the open dancing commences following the first dance, than you can invite all of the couples out to the dance floor to join the bride and groom. This will be a key turning point of the evening. Either the guests will get up out of their seats and stay entertained by the music, refreshments and dancing, or they will get bored that there isn't much going on but an empty dance floor (because the DJ went right into an upbeat song) and they will go home. The success of your wedding reception can be judged from how long your guests stay and enjoy themselves with what you have provided them.

This model for the importance of a good wedding DJ can not only be useful for couples in San Diego, but all cities. San Diego is a very popular city for Weddings and events as it is a vacation destination. Because of this, there are many Wedding DJ companies, people who claim to be Wedding DJ's, many independents and even many very good Wedding bands. Be sure that you seek the correct entertainment for your personal taste and preferences. If you go into it understanding it's weight and importance you will do well.

Matt Phipps

Matt Phipps is a San Diego DJ working in San Diego as a

San Diego Wedding DJ
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