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Personalized wedding favors that fits your style

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Your wedding is bound to be one of the days of your life that you'll hold closest to you; personalized wedding favors are a good way to invite others to keep memories of your special day. Presenting your guests with a unique box or favor-bag with a thank-you note and your personalized wedding favors within is a good way show that you appreciate their spending such an important day with you.

Don't be afraid of bogging people down with unnecessary items - wedding favors are not only fun, but they can be practical as well. Glass photo coasters, wine-bottle stoppers, and small magnets are popular ways to allow people to take part of the ceremony home with them. And wedding favors don't need to be intrusive or loud - monogrammed items are both a beautiful and subtle way to personalize a wedding reception.

Your wedding is not only a lovely ceremony, it's one of the most important events you'll have in your lifetime. Why not make it about you?

As you're planning your big day, it's helpful to create a list for yourself so you're sure to pick up all of the needed wedding supplies. Wedding supplies include the big things, such as flowers and decorations, all the way down to the small things such as invitations. You'll want to include the following on your list of wedding supplies: cake topper, cake servers, a ring bearer pillow, guest book, flower girl basket (along with flower petals) bridal garter, handkerchiefs, candles, candle holders, wedding rice, and wedding favors. There are any number of other wedding supplies to include, so be sure to hold a brainstorming session.

As you're working on your list, be sure to include all the necessary wedding accessories. By wedding accessories we're referring to things that aren't absolutely essential, but that many people choose to include to make their wedding even more special. Some popular wedding accessories include wedding napkins, a guest book and pen for the guest book. Some other wedding accessories that aren't as common, but that you might consider to make your wedding a bit different from the rest, include a wedding favor box, favor frmes, place-card holders, bottle stoppers, wine gifts, drink coasters, and for your wedding favors, some wedding favor tags.

After you've compiled up a list of all the wedding accessories and wedding supplies that you think you might need, take the list to someone who's already been through the process--a married friend or family member. Ask if she can think of anything that's missing. Once you're sure you've got your list of wedding accessories and supplies complete, it's time to start searching for the best deal. Fortunately the Internet can help with this. Just do a search for "wedding accessories" and you'll find the best possible deals. Remember, however, to deal only with dealers that you know can be confirmed to be reputable. The last thing you want is to mess up your special day because of some scam artist.

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