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Talents to Assess Concerning a Talented Wedding Video Pro

By: Trevor Price

Marriage There are great wedding video professionals out there, but you'll have to dig them up with a little effort. And since the videographer or camera person you hire to film and capture your wedding has such an important role to play, you need to choose a professional who will deliver a high-quality product.

Of course, you should always ask friends or other wedding professionals for their recommendations and referrals. Word-of-mouth is the most reliable way of finding any service provider. So, try asking your DJ, caterer or photographer if they have any experience with or thoughts about in-demand wedding videographers.

When searching for the ideal videographer, you want someone who will work within your budget, is extremely professional and personable and provides a high-quality, dependable product. But, how do you locate such a person in a field inundated with amateurs?

You can easily pull out a local phone book or wedding directory and find hundreds of wedding video pros. However, to filter out the best from the mediocre, you'll need to interview them. For a list of questions to ask a prospective wedding videographer, keep reading.

Do you have a demo tape or examples of your past work?

You can get an accurate sense of the person's technical skills, video story-telling abilities and style. When watching their portfolio tape, ask yourself if the images are bright and crisp or dark and grainy? Are the faces natural-looking or shiny and washed out by too much light? Are the editing cuts seamless or choppy? How is the sound quality?

As you consider their story-telling abilities, you should also review their editing. Is this a video that you'd want to watch again? Are you able to capture the couple's story and their wedding day in your mind? Do you enjoy watching the footage?

Tell me how you'd interview my grandmother or great aunt?

One of the most important parts of your wedding day is sharing it with your beloved family and friends. That said, you want a videographer who will be respectful, professional and personable, not overly pushy or annoying.

By asking them for a demonstration of their interview skills and strategies, you'll get a clear picture of how they manage both themselves and other people.

What type of equipment do you use, and do you carry backups?

The last thing you want is a videographer using outdated equipment that's going to fail or someone who doesn't have any backup gear just in case. Steer clear of videographers who use outdated VHS or 8mm cameras.

Look for a wedding video professional who packs either a professional Hi-8 camera, which are great in low-light conditions, or an S-VHS professional camera. Both have professional controls but are well-suited to the low-light and candid conditions of wedding videography.

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