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Sun and Sand in Puerto Vallarta

By: Prashasti Tripathi

Vacation Plans Vacationers come to Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast of Mexico, to get away from it all. The vibrant culture, the fabulous restaurants, the long list of attractions combine to deliver an unbeatable destination. And those who have a luxurious villa rental Puerto Vallarta are almost guaranteed a great stay. No trip to Puerto Vallarta would feel like the "real thing," though, without some time in the sun on the beach on Banderas Bay.

There are a number of lovely beaches in town, and more than a few beach lovers use them. For those who don’t mind putting on their walking shoes, though, a couple of beach experiences offering a bit of privacy and elbow room await just down the road. Grab a towel and some sun block and head out.

Conchas Chinas – Chinese Shells?

The nearest less-used beach, Playa Conchas Chinas, is just beyond Los Muertos beach on the south end of town. In fact, the beach path at the far end of Los Muertos beach will take you there. Although a trip to Conchas Chinas requires a walk from Playa Los Muertos or from the coastal road, the reward is worth the effort – a bit of peace and quiet on the beach.

It’s a bit misleading to refer to Conchas Chinas as a single beach; volcanic rock formations run to the sea to create a series of three small, secluded beaches. Visitors who spend an entire day at Conchas Chinas bring snacks and beverages because the vendors and pub owners haven’t landed here yet. Despite the quiet, laid-back environment, there is plenty to do; beach-goers fill their day swimming and snorkeling; exploring tide pools and collecting sea shells; and just enjoying each other’s company.

Las Gemelas – The Twins

Farther south along the bay, near the town of Mismaloya, lies Las Gemelas Beach. The name, Las Gemelas, means "the twins," and it works for this spot, where you’ll discover two pretty little coves, each with its own beach, north and south. The north beach offers a bit more shade for those who need a break from the Pacific sun. Both beaches front on calm water, perfect for splashing with young children or floating with a cool beverage. On the other hand, it will disappoint if you’re looking for rollers to body surf.

If you are staying in a villa Puerto Vallarta, you will need to catch a ride to Las Gemelas; it’s too far to walk. You can always hire a cab, but the bus to Mismaloya is very affordable and it will stop at the El Presidente Hotel just above Gemelas South. Walk through the hotel to the beach and find yourself in another world. Relax. Sink into the soft white sand and seize the day in a quiet way.

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