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Childhood Obesity as a Result of TV and Video Games

By: Terry Lile

Kids and Teens Obesity: it's every parent's worst nightmare. They cringe at the suggestion that perhaps they have done something wrong as guardians. Did they feed her too much? Not pay attention to the amount of video games that were played? These questions play a major role in today's worries, as childhood obesity is sweeping the nation. Fortunately, there are ways to get your child back on track and decrease the chance of obesity. It isnít too late to intervene.

Limit your childís "couch potato" intake. Sure, we all enjoy watching a television show or perhaps a good video game. However, everything should be in moderation. Allow your child to watch one hour of television or one hour of video game playing. This will still give them freedom to enjoy, but will limit their habit. Are they complaining of boredom? There are plenty of other alternatives - sign them up for an active hobby. Perhaps horseback riding, swimming or even basketball. As long as they are getting exercise, you are decreasing the chances of obesity.

2. While most video games have a bad reputation, there are some that actually increase exercise. Nintendo Wii has developed Wii Sports to help fight obesity. From tennis to boxing and even bowling, these games are intended to get you off your couch and start moving. Have your child focus on these and they may just want to join a real-life tennis or baseball team.

3. Forget the junk food. While most of us are too busy to cook elaborate meals, this is no excuse not to find a healthy option. Make sure your child has a balanced diet - filled with fruit, vegetables, dairy and whole grains. If you are on the run, try cooking whole wheat pasta the night before. How about Lean Cuisine meals or a bag of fruit to snack on? If you teach your child the right way to eat early on, chances are they will continue eating well. As a result, diabetes and obesity could stay at bay.

Despite the fact that we all live fast paced lives, we can still take the time to change the path our children are on. Turn off the TV and focus on what will motivate your child the most. In many cases, the Wii Sports video game does the trick. It may not be as beneficial as a jog or bike ride, but it is pointing them in the right direction. After all, anything that prevents obesity is a positive step forward. Baby steps are just the beginning.

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