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Popular wedding favor and bridal shower favor themes

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage It is tradition to provide guests of your wedding with a token of your appreciation for taking time to share in your big day and acting also a memento. The traditional wedding favors of picture frames, photo holders and trinkets like candles and candy dishes are still holding a good portion of the market share when it comes to favors. However there are several growing trends as our society and culture changes. Edibles are still favorites among favor givers and receivers but Jordan almonds and mints are being replaced by cookies and candy with the happy couple printed on them. Specialized chocolate boxes wrapped up in elegant packaging or a bottle(s) of a favorite local wine or beer. Going Green is one of today's hottest trends and green has worked it's way into wedding favors as well. Giving guests a gift that they can plant and grow is an excellent way to give something back to the environment as well as something fun for guests and a longer lasting wedding favor that will provide memories of your special day. Another fast growing trend is giving charitable gifts. Couples are setting aside some or all of the money they had anticipated spending on wedding favors and are donating it to charitable organizations in their community. They provide a small announcement at each place setting stating that they have donated "X" amount of money to the specific charity and why they chose that charity.

Traditionally a day to "shower" the bride with love and gifts. A growing trend in bridal showers is the themed shower. Wine Tasting, luau, lingerie, tea parties and sleep overs are among some of the popular themes. Bridal shower favors for this type of bridal shower generally tend to reflect the theme. Edible favors such as elegantly decorated cookies or a box of chocolates, bath and body products and sachets in the brides favorite scent, small trinkets like photo holders and key chains, green gifts such as a potted plant or seeds with a small planter, a bottle of wine with a fun wine stopper that matches the theme of the shower, or any combination are great ideas for bridal shower favors. Keep in mind your budget because there is something for everyone. It is not necessary to be extravagant. The women at this party are celebrating the bride. The favor is just a fun way to remember the day after it is over.

Wedding showers are becoming more and more popular among engaged couples. The new trend taking hold is to not only shower the bride but also shower the groom. Wedding showers tend to be less formal and involve the people closer to the couple, friends, family. This means that wedding shower favors should be available for males and females. Edibles are a great way to answer the wedding shower favors question. Creatively decorated cookies, candy, your favorite wine and beer are great ways to bridge the gender gap and satisfy your guests with something that they will enjoy. One chocolate option in particular, is to have a company that does images printed on chocolate set up at your party. Your guests can have their picture taken and before the party is over, leave with tasty treats that have their picture on it and a unique way to remember a fun filled day! It's fun, it's memorable and it adds a nice personalized touch to your wedding shower favors.

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