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The Best Places to Retire: Which Is Right for Me?

By: Lydia Quinn

Family If your retirement countdown clock is ticking away, you may be looking for information on the best places to retire. Yes, there are a number of amazing locations to choose from but you’d do well to focus on a dynamic city in the Southern Appalachian Mountains – Asheville, North Carolina.

Sure it’s a beautiful part of a beautiful state but what in particular makes it so desirable for prospective retirees? Every retiree is unique, with different retirement wants, needs, and goals. It is so important to choose the retirement location which best meets your needs and wishes. One of the best things about Asheville, North Carolina is, it has all of the ingredients for a perfect fit – for almost every retiree.

Retirement Planning: Why Is Asheville Right for Me?

As you begin your retirement planning, you will be pleased when you consider the range of retirement living options in Asheville. You’ll find a vibrant real estate market where homes are relatively affordable, and the Asheville area has a number of four star retirement centers, homes and communities from which to choose.

Asheville’s beautiful weather is another of the many reasons why it is one of the best places in which to retire. Not only will you enjoy living in an area with four mild seasons and fabulous outdoor recreation resources … your family will enjoy visiting you! A word of wisdom for retirement: don’t let your family slip too far away. When you choose Asheville as your retirement destination, that will not be a concern. Your family will be asking to visit you on a regular basis!

Another common question asked by folks planning to retire concerns socialization – an important component of your retirement strategy. Asheville is one of the best places to retire not only because socializing is so easy, but because there is so much activity – so many things for you to do and see and belong to. In the Asheville area you will find a large selection of quality restaurants, cafés, golf courses, movie theatres, shopping centers, ski resorts, parks, galleries, and more. There’s hiking, camping, biking, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, horseback riding, boating, mountain climbing – the choices are infinite. Asheville also has an active dance community, artists’ community, and writers’ community. All this gives you the opportunity to get out and have a good time and make friends with retirees who share similar interests.

Available North Carolina Retirement Services

If retiring in Asheville, North Carolina sounds ideal, you will want to first visit the area. When doing so, you will want to sign up for the Paths to Creative Retirement planning seminar. When you participate in this three-day retirement program, you will be amazed to discover all the retirement services that are available, and you will deeply value all of the retirement advice shared.

By signing up for one of these popular three-day senior seminars, (a/k/a retirement planning training courses), you are able to meet other soon-to-be retirees, hear invaluable retirement planning advice and see for yourself that Asheville is indeed the best place to retire.

Paths to Creative Retirement is one of the most highly acclaimed training courses in retirement planning in the country. It is offered by the NC Center for Creative Retirement, and it takes place on the lovely Asheville campus of the University of North Carolina.
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