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Personalization: The New Trend in Wedding Gifts

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage In today's age, personalization is the new hot trend. Everywhere you turn there is a sea of initials and names embroidered or painted on personalized gifts. What used to be a means of marking personal possessions has turned into a fashion craze. This has expanded to wedding gifts as well. Now, instead of thinking about what to get someone that they don't already own, people can consider getting them wedding shower gifts with their own name or initials.

Through personalization, your wedding gifts can now take on a new light. For example, if a friend has a wedding in a summer month, some great personalized gifts would be monogrammed beach towels. The couple can take these to the pool or on vacation. Simply have the towels monogrammed and throw them in a beach bag with sun tan lotion and some flip flops. This gift is sure to please any sun loving couple; you could even have the beach bag embroidered.

Other great personalized gifts could be a set of wine glasses etched with initials or a name. Take these glasses and wrap them up with their favorite wine, and you are sure to have a crowd pleaser.

Is the couple religious? Some of the most appreciated personalized gifts are those with a religious theme. For instance, you can get a cross or other religious jewelry engraved. It's also quite common to buy a deluxe gift Bible and have it engraved with the person's name. Personalized gifts with a religious theme are doubly sentimental--sentimental because of who gave it and because of its rich, spiritual meaning.

But jewelry doesn't have to be religious. Personalized gifts might also include lockets, bracelets, and even watches, as long as you don't go too overboard. Some couples also appreciate a nice engraved ink pen.

Personalized wedding shower gifts can also be fun and yet affordable. You purchase items on the couple's registry, to be presented as wedding shower gifts, but make them more fun and more different by having their new initials embroidered on them. You could even do the same with a nice set of linen napkins. Roll them up and place nice napkin holders around them; put them in a pretty basket and you are all set. You might even have the napkin holders, if they are silver, engraved.

Most couples really enjoy these sorts of personalized wedding gifts and wedding shower gifts. They are starting a new life together, and having their name or initials engraved or monogrammed on something is considered a very sentimental gift. Even normal, everyday bath towels could also get a face lift from monogramming. Have the whole set done with the first initial of their last name. Turning these into personalized gifts will turn an ordinary set of bath towels into something more ornate and personal.

Personalizing gifts is a way of letting the couple know you care about them in a way that other gifts cannot. These show that you know something about the couple--showing an interest in who they are.

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