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Personalize Your Wedding Gifts

By: Aaron Hu

Marriage Among the many joyful life events to celebrate in a lifetime, the most common and popular occasions for giving away gifts are often birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirement, and of course, weddings. As the old adage suggests, "Tis better to give than to receive".

However, finding oneself on the giving end can be nerve-wrecking and time consuming when searching for the perfect personalized gift - especially personalized wedding gifts or personalized bridesmaid gifts. Gift giving can often, needlessly go from a pleasant experience, to a stressful, ambiguous chore. Read on for a handful of simple ideas and tips for sprucing up an otherwise generic token into unforgettable and meaningful personalized gifts.

Any token has the potential for becoming an elegant personalized gift through the magic of names and dates, scripture, etc, to incorporate symbolic and meaningful value in the form of engravement, embroidery, or print. Baby Showers, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, & retirement parties offer us the opportunity to contribute to the excitement by providing a gift the recipient will cherish. Each token only lacks a touch of thoughtfulness and creativity to reach its personalized gift potential.

Of all the events to celebrate in a lifetime, weddings may be the most delicate of occasions to buy for. An elegant milestone, weddings mark the ending of a life chapter lived alone, and the beginning of a life chapter shared with someone special. They are also a wonderful opportunity to offer a personalized gift - namely one that the recipient will remember as part of their special day for years and years to come.

If you are a loved one or close friend of the "Mr. & Mrs. To Be", a personalized wedding gift will distinctly set you apart from loved ones who chose gifts traditionally given at weddings such as china, crystal, photo albums, etc. Consider thinking outside the box as many other friends and family may be considering these very items that may be easily duplicated. Who wants to receive 3 cutting boards, or worse, 6 black photo albums? Should you be pressed for time, or limited in ideas, adding a special touch to any such items will still set your giving apart as the personalized photo album gift!

If you are the bride, offering a personalized bridesmaid gift to those in your wedding party is a unique way of saying "thank you" for participating in this intimate occasion in your life. Bridesmaid gifts are given in the form of candles, photo frames, or inexpensive jewelry. In the same manner, adding symbolic and significant value in the form of engravement, embroidery, or print to such gifts will make for fun-to-give and receive personalized bridesmaid gifts.

Life offers us many opportunities to commemorate the happy moments. The next time you are faced with a gift giving challenge, remember these easy, cost effective strategies for giving away small, special treasures. It certainly requires minimum creativity to turn an ordinary every day item into an extraordinary personalized gift, personalized wedding gift, or personalized bridesmaid gift- tokens of love and support.

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