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Why Destination Weddings are a Good Idea

By: Natasha Young

Marriage A marriage is one of the most life-altering events in your life. Most people especially women have spent almost all their lives plotting and planning the wedding of their dreams. So, if you truly desire paradise on earth on your Wedding Day, you must consider a Destination Wedding.

If youíre not aware of what a Destination Wedding is, itís one where the wedding is held at a location away from the place where the bride or groom resides. Why not consider a western wedding? The entire wedding party along with the immediate family members and other guests are carted to an exotic destination. What could be better than exchanging vows in a glamorous location with close family and friends as witness?

The best part about having a Destination Wedding is that you can let your imagination run wild. You donít have to stick to a conventional wedding ceremony with the white dress, black tie and flowers. You can choose your own theme according to the location and then just have fun with it. Consider the preferences of your close family and friends when you set about planning a Destination Wedding. Your wedding should not be one that meets with only your approval. It should be comfortable and convenient for your guests. After all, what is a wedding if not celebrated with family and friends?

A traditional wedding ceremony is great but comes at a huge cost. You canít afford to leave out acquaintances and folks from the neighborhood even if you arenít that close to them. Courtesy demands that all those who are aware of it including office colleagues are invited. Your guest list runs riot and you end up spending exorbitant amounts on food and drink. You can eliminate or at least mitigate these problems if you opt for a Destination Wedding. The guest list can be limited to immediate family and friends since it wouldnít be possible for colleagues and other acquaintances to take time off from work and other daily routines.

Besides, if you have a Destination Wedding, you wonít have to stretch yourself thin looking into every miniscule detail. Destination Wedding locations generally have wedding planners to take care of this for you. So, this way you can limit yourself to looking after the significant things only. A Destination Wedding is much more than just a marriage. A destination wedding can also double up as a honeymoon and an impromptu holiday for friends and family. Moreover, most of the hotels offer discounts since the booking is done for quite a large party.

When planning a traditional wedding you may not have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a location. You may be restricted to the tired old local halls in town that have witnessed hundreds of ceremonies over the years. Is this really the way you want to begin your life together as a married couple? With a Destination Wedding, you have hundreds of romantic locations to choose from. It all depends on what strikes a chord in your heart. You can choose a western wedding, tropical paradise, a picturesque Hawaiian beach or a casino chapel in Las Vegas. Why, you can even exchange vows over the Grand Canyon. Isnít this reason enough to go in for a Destination Wedding?

Destination Weddings are a good idea because you can cut down on expenses and celebrate with close family and friends in an enchanting location. They are becoming extremely popular with the jet-set couples that want to test their wings and stretch their imaginations beyond the white lace and pretty flowers. Thereís no better way to make your Wedding Day an occasion to remember than to have a Destination Wedding, and a western wedding is a must consider option, I might add.

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