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Wedding Gifts and the Part They Play in Marriage

By: Ben Spence

Marriage Many couples today think of the wedding as a gift event and forget that it is truly a celebration of the couple’s love for each other. While it is exciting to think of all the new and fabulous things that they will receive, it is more important to remember that a wedding leads to a marriage – a lifelong commitment to another person. However, it is also important to remember that the wedding gifts do play a part in the marriage.

Wedding gifts are bestowed upon the happy couple usually at the bridal shower; where the bride (or bride and groom at many modern showers) are "showered" with gifts. However, wedding gifts are also given at both the engagement party and the wedding itself. When a wedding gift is given will just depend on both the custom of the couple, their friends, and family. It is essential to note that wedding gifts are not a requirement at all three of these events, but are customary.

Wedding gifts typically act as a stepping stone for the happy couple to begin their new life together. Traditionally, the bride and groom would embark on their new life together by moving in together directly after the wedding. Therefore, wedding gifts served as providing the couple with all the basic necessities to keeping a happy home such as various kitchen appliances, home accessories, bedding, towels, china sets, and linens. This way, the couple returned from their honeymoon to a home fully stocked with all the items essential for everyday living.

Today, it is more frequent that the couple lives together before taking the plunge into married life. Because the couple usually has lived together for some time before getting married, wedding gifts take on an entirely different role today. Often, wedding gifts today will help build on the existing life that the couple already shares. For example, a couple that has lived together for several years before becoming married may already own a nice living room set or a good set of dishes. But for these couples, getting married is still a big step, so wedding gifts play the role of fusing their life together even more.

In most cases, wedding gifts simply serve the purpose of completing house and home for the happy couple. Many times, couples register at their favourite stores for items that they do not yet own or for items that need replacing. The wedding gift registry is an excellent way for loved ones and wedding guests to purchase wedding gifts that they know the couple will want or needs. More and more modern couples are registering at online retailers that make it possible for couples to build a registry list from several different stores.

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