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A Benzene Overview: What it is and Your Rights against

By: Cristian Stan

Legal Benzene is a very toxic compound. This substance is marked carcinogen. If it finds its way inside the body, it can cause dreaded diseases such as cancer. The benzene compound was discovered in 1825. It was initially observed as an oily residue produced when illuminating gases are created. In 1833, further studies indicated that this substance could be produced when lime and benzoin are distilled together. Since then, benzene was mass produced, much because it has vast industrial uses.

The use of benzene is vital in the manufacture of adhesives, rubber, paints, and stain removers. It can also be used in commercial products such as detergents, lotions, and aftershaves. While benzene became a much celebrated substance, a lot of manufacturers seem to have forgotten that it can trigger cancer. Benzene is a potent toxin to the brain and the central nervous system in general. It is a first-class carcinogen, meaning it is extremely dangerous to the health. If benzene is absorbed by skin, ingested, or inhaled, it can cause a disease called acute myelogenous leukemia. This disease is a very rare cancer affecting the bone marrow and the blood.

Acute myelogenous leukemia is also referred to as Benzene Cancer. This disease is characterized by a weak immune system, as a direct effect by the low count of white blood cells. The amount of the body's red blood cells and platelets are drastically reduced as well. If not treated right away, this disease can lead to an untimely death. The treatment course for this disease is chemotherapy. For the more advanced cases, a bone marrow transplant maybe necessary. Aside from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, another similar disease called Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia can also be acquired through benzene exposure. This one is a malignant cancer developing in the white blood cells itself. It doesn't affect the platelets or the red blood cells like acute myelogenous leukemia. But its effects are as deadly. The risks of benzene are known to the public. However, not all people realize how exposed they really are to this poisonous substance. There are groups of people that are at a higher risk to this disease. Some can wrongly assume that they are safe from it. The people who work at benzene factories or in a place where benzene is being used as a component to create other chemicals are more likely to develop acute myelogenous leukemia than the others who don't.

But then again, the exposure to benzene is not limited to the workplace. There are many ways one can get exposed to benzene. With the number of products containing this substance in today's market, it is possible to absorb it in the skin or through inhalation. It's just that the people who work inside manufacturing industries are exposed to benzene day in and day out. And they are the most common target of all the diseases associated to it.

What's more disturbing is the fact that traces of benzene are now found inside homes. Simple household products such as pesticides and glues contain it. The gasoline in your car has it too. There were even studies showing that this substance can be found in sodas and similar beverages. So technically speaking, no one is safe from this very dangerous compound.

For these reasons, the government is out to regulate the use of benzene in commercial products. It had also tasked the OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Association to keep a record of every company that uses benzene in their products and production plants. These companies are required to report all incidents related to both sickness and death of anybody in their company, including accidents. They have to do this regardless if the incident is caused by benzene exposure or not. If there were at least three workers admitted to a health care institution for anything, it has to be reported to OSHA. The OSHA, in turn, will look further into the matter. If the company fails in this procedure, they are guilty of infracting the law.

This is only shows that workers have rights against the occupational diseases caused by benzene. Even consumers of products containing benzene have the same rights too. Everybody should be able to live healthy and free from all kinds of toxic substances much more if it can cause dreaded diseases such as cancer.

If you were a victim of benzene exposure, an attorney can help. Find a competent benzene attorney. The job of these toxic injury attorneys is to represent the victims of benzene and other harmful substances. They are to fight for their cause and protect them from mistreatments. If it were proven that these people were wronged by a company because of their irresponsible actions and poisonous products, then the court will give what is due to them. Cancer and serious injuries caused by benzene exposure is no joke. People can literally die from it. It is only proper that they get the justice that they deserve.

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