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Wedding Dresses and Accessories

By: Paul Escobedo

Marriage Now that the date has been set, it is time for you to be thinking about getting the perfect wedding gown. Should you buy retail or try to get a wholesale wedding dress? Here are a few places you can go shopping for your dream dress: Bridal salons – If you want to get the ultimate experience when shopping for a wedding gown, then go to a full service bridal salon. Make an appointment to go and try on some dresses. It is best to set an appointment for the middle of the week when the salon is less busy. You must realize that these shops are going to be more expensive.

Bridal Outlets and Warehouses – You can usually find huge inventories here at prices that fall in the low to mid category. Be sure to check any dress you plan on buying for heel marks, smudges and other damages. Alteration services are usually not available.

Wholesale Outlets – If there happens to be a wholesale outlet in your area, by all means stop by and see what they have. This is the perfect place to get you wholesale wedding dress. You can also look at various wholesale outlets on the Internet. You can pick up a gown at tremendous savings here.

Department Stores – Some of your larger department stores may have a bridal department that would be worth visiting. You will not get a wholesale wedding dress here, but it will be less expensive than a bridal salon.

After you have made the decision of choosing your perfect wedding gown, you will have to be on the lookout for the all important bridal accessories. Actually, you will need several accessories to adorn the outside of your dress. You will also need the proper undergarments to enhance the style of your wedding dress. The wedding dress accessories are the final items that are needed to complete your bridal gown.

There are many accessories to buy: shoes, veil, and even jewelry. Here is a checklist of some bridal accessories that you are going to need: Bridal Accessories Wrap or Shawl- This will keep you warm and will add a new look to your gown, Shoes – Should you get strappy or flat? Just make sure that the two match, Gloves – These will add a touch of class to your wedding dress Tiara/Headpiece – Don’t forget any spare clips or pins.

Engagement ring – Have this ready to put on your finger during the wedding ceremony, Wedding bands – These should be put in a box or on a pillow which will be given to the best man or ring bearer, Necklace – This is the very first thing that will get the attention of the people after your smile and dress, Earrings – If your necklace is grand, keep the earrings simple, Bracelet – This always adds a nice touch, Watch – This is fitting only if it is antique or has sentimental value.

All of these items are just like the icing on your wedding cake. In fact if you decide to get all the jewelry and accessories you will take the look of your dress over the top. You don’t have to get all of these accessories but some key ones will really accent your dress. No matter what the wedding dress accessory, it will surely add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding gown.

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