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Choosing Wedding Photography and Videography

By: Natasha Young

Marriage So youíve hired a caterer, decided on a suitable band and booked a venue to die for. Youíve checked on everything including the color of flowers and tablecloths that will grace your dinner table. So, what next? Well, you may want to capture the memories and emotions of the best day of your life for all posterity. When it comes to weddings or western weddings, most couples want to remember every color, every word and every gesture to relive it when they get nostalgic. After all, a marriage is not something you do every other day.

The worst part about western weddings as with any wedding, is that after months and months of meticulous planning they dawn too soon and get over even sooner. The couple in question is too pre-occupied to be aware of every incident that takes place on their wedding day. If the entire event is photographed and videographed, they can sit back later and enjoy the show.

Selecting an appropriate photographer and videographer is critical if you want to immortalize your wedding day. But choosing a fitting photographer or even a videographer for that matter is no piece of cake. You may be made offers by eager-to-please nephews and uncles. Unless theyíre professionals, resist the temptation to go with them even if youíre dying to save a few bucks. Do you really want your wedding day to be captured by an amateur with a camcorder?

While deciding on a suitable photographer or videographer, take advice from couples whoíve married recently. Itís infinitely more feasible to choose a company that offers both services (photography and videography) as a combined package. Donít choose a photographer or a videographer unless youíve examined samples of his previous work.

There are numerous skilled photographers and videographers, but you have to make sure that they specialize in wedding ceremonies. A photographer may be accomplished at snapping portfolios, doesnít mean heís just as good at clicking wedding ceremonies.

Meet up and have a discussion with your prospective videographer and photographer. Keep him in the loop about what events need to be covered and how you want him to go about it. For example, you may want to capture a close-up of your first waltz as a married couple. You may also want pictures taken of particular family members and friends, maybe even of your pets. You may be squeamish about capturing people stuffing their faces at the dinner table. Everybody has different preferences. So, donít assume that just because the photographer/videographer is a professional he can read your mind. Youíll have to spell it out for him if you donít want your wedding album or video turned into a fiasco.

Most photographers and videographers will make suggestions thatíll get you all excited and animated. Take a moment here to think about how much that suggestion is going to cost you. Try bargaining for discounts and reduction in prices especially if youíre planning to hire the same company for both services.

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