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Brand New Car to Drive

By: Ray Shaw

Autos and Trucks Did you know that people all over the United States are given brand new free cars to drive, and they don't have to worry about making car payments or paying for car maintenance. Other people are earning a great deal of money for simply having a removable advertisement placed on their own car while continuing to drive their normal everyday routes.

You may qualify to receive anywhere from $100-$1000+ each month WITHOUT having to change one detail of your daily routine. We're not talking about an extra job, or doing anything different than what you're already doing right now. You Get paid each and every month to do NORMAL, everyday tasks!

Let these companies pay YOU between $100-$1000+ each and every MONTH to place THEIR (removable) ads on your vehicle! Better yet, let's see if you qualify to receive a FREE CAR from these companies instead!

If you are willing to drive a brand new, free car with an advertisement on it (drive to the store, your job, school, etc.) there are numerous companies looking to work with you right now!

Whether you work outside the home, are a housewife, a student, etc., this program is perfect for anyone who could benefit from driving a new car without having to worry about a car payment. It is also great for people wanting to earn additional income by driving their own car with an ad on it.

Here's how mobile advertising works:

The ads that are placed on the car are either magnetic or vinyl, so they will not damage or affect the car, and the ads come in different sizes. Some ads cover a quarter or 1 half of the car. Other ads can cover 3/4 or the entire car. The larger the ad, the more you are paid.

1. Review our listing of companies that are interested in people wanting to get paid to drive. You submit your online registration(s) to the companies that are able to pay you to drive your own car, or a free sponsor vehicle.

2. The company places your registration on file and chooses the most appropriate drivers for each of their specific ad campaigns. (Explained in detail below)

3. If your registration comes up in a search, you may be contacted by the advertising company or advertiser to discuss a possible driving arrangement.

4. Once a contract is in place, you will then have your vehicle wrapped with an ad. Depending on the contract arrangement, you will then be paid each month by the advertising company or advertiser who has purchased the ad space on your vehicle.

5. Once the ad campaign is complete, the wrap is removed from your vehicle with no damage, returning to its original appearance.

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