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Utilize Courtesy Within Your Blogging Niche

By: Tj Philpott

Blogging / Forums A great way to get back links to your blog is by leaving comments on other blogs within your blogging niche. This fun, simple, and free method of traffic however does come with a set of 'unwritten' rules within the blogging community. Remember when visiting someone else's blog you're entering into a 'conversation' and many times you may have not been invited. Common courtesy should always be practiced in this environment.

Remember you are visiting for reasons such as learning or possibly as a favor to the host blogger. Your participation although likely welcomed, must always be in a positive manner such as knowledgeable or constructive answers, comments, or suggestions. Never use this venue to criticize, ridicule, or condemn those 'unfortunates' who may not share your viewpoints. Likewise any 'scalding reviews' of a novice blogger for his or her lack of apparent experience as it may show up in the structure or appearance of their blog. Liken this experience to an office party where maintaining a politically correct posture is always the most prudent approach. As a blogger this will not only help you make friends and possibly gain readers, but also prevent you from committing 'blogging suicide.'

As mother always told us, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Within the blogging community unless you're the 'only' authority within your field it's not a good idea to antagonize others. Readers will ALWAYS have other sources to find material that's interesting to them.

Concerning any blog comments you leave (along with the link back to your blog, of course) be sure the comment(s) are warranted. By this I mean don't just comment for the sake of commenting so you can leave your link. Trust me; this will be identified quickly thereby making you unwelcomed in the future. One thing you don't want is to gain the reputation of a 'blog spammer' since all your future comments may be banned even if they are constructive to the structure of the conversation.

Speaking to the 'quality' of your comments be sure that they are always helpful and appropriate. There's neither need nor place for hostility or negativity. Keep your 'tone' civil and level headed. Blogging environments are structured to educate, exchange ideas and thoughts, coaching, and other means of support. Save the fighting for the 'back alleys' if you must!

Lastly never 'steal' content from another site and represent it as your own. You may however use this content as long as credit is clearly given to the original source.

Always be polite and choose your words correctly when leaving blog comments. These are words documented making it difficult to hide or deny after the fact. They may be words that come back to haunt you. By 'doing unto others' within any blogging niche, you'll open many doors for yourself from which to benefit.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For additional success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit: http://blogbrawn.com
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