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Establishing Your Blog

By: Tj Philpott

Blogging / Forums With any new blog the time span immediately following the first published post is critical to establishing your blog. What I'm referring to here is the importance of creating and posting content that remains consistent with the central theme of your blog. This is your niche. This effort should be continuous to maintain a steady stream of interested new visitors.

To achieve and maintain this stream of traffic to your blog, you'll need a strategy, a marketing plan if you will, in order to both attract and maintain this attention.

One approach is to create a series of articles all pertaining in some form or fashion to the niche you're targeting. Once you've got this content together start posting it to your blog. Not all at once but spread out over a period of time. Now here's the neat part. To get 'more bang for your buck' take these same articles and publish them thru numerous article directories (only after they've been posted on your blog) which in turn will give you greater circulation and more exposure for your blog. A rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours after posting to publish thru article directories.

It's at this point in the life of your blog where the quality of your content should be at its best. Now that's not to say that you can post garbage later on and still expect to attract visitors. However, the initial stages of your blog is where you want to maximize the amount of traffic you attract to help you establish a good reader base. Great content with the right circulation will help you do just that.

Don't fear that after you've posted and published all your best content that you won't be able to create any more. Heck, you created the first batch didn't you? With practice the more you write the better you'll get and the easier it will become.

An important point here is to be sure you've clearly defined your theme and/or niche. This is done by keeping your content consistently relevant to the niche you've targeted. You don't want to lose your readers. They are visiting your site because the subject interests them. Don't confuse them or drive them away by publishing or posting content unrelated to your theme.

After establishing your blog another great way to gain readership is to visit other blogs within your niche to see what they're talking about. This could spark some great ideas for you. Also don't be afraid to leave comments at these blogs if you see fit. ALWAYS make your comments constructive, insightful, and useful if you can. Let's call this blogging etiquette. This will help build your reputation as an authority positioning your blog as a site of interest for new readers to visit.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For additional success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit: http://blogbrawn.com
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