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Virgin Mobile - A UK Virtual Network

By: Caroline Telford

Technology In 1999, Virgin Mobile became the first mobile phone to acquire the status of Virtual Network Operator. But this wasn't only in terms of the United Kingdom; this was international. This meant (and it still does), that Virgin Mobile outsourced its production and marketing to networks in various other countries, including Canada, India, France, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and, of course, the United States. Due to the wide disbursement of these countries, Virgin Mobile took hold all over the world.

Virgin Mobile phones are then made in and sold through many independent businesses virtually everywhere. Aside from the obvious T-Mobile in the United Kingdom, other entities include: Optus in Australia, Tata Indicom in India, Cell C in South Africa, Bell Mobility in Canada, Orange SA in France, and Sprint-Nextel in the United States. In the latter, Virgin Mobile has acquired a small but firmly significant portion of stock in cellular (or mobile) technology.

Since the beginning, this has been due to Virgin Mobile's inescapably competitive costs and unprentiousness. Of course, with the advancement of mobile technology in the world, which includes games, online connections, email and texting, to say the least, such basic capabilities have been overshadowed and would seem not to be taken seriously. Nonetheless, the best ideas are usually the simple ones.

In all countries where Virgin Mobile phones are produced and marketed on a wide scale (which would seem to be everywhere), this technology is goes on a prepaid schedule where financing by the buyer is done on an "as-you-go-along" policy. This seems flexible, indeed, which may explain (at least in part) why Virgin Mobile technology became successful upon its initial launching and it still going strong on a global level.

Those who would be interested in Virgin Mobile phones are those on tight budgets or those, like seniors, who do not need or want the frills involved in sophisticated technology and require it for the occasional pick-up or emergency call. This brand might be ideal, too, for those who are not savvy when it comes to such devices and would feel more at home with, again, simplicity. Perhaps that's what the main reason for which Virgin Mobile phones were intended, as there are likely more people in the world who are not savvy than those who are.

Still, as mobile (cellular) technology grows and develops within the realm of telecommunications, so is the need and desire for more and more people to get "in the know" on such things. College degrees and classes that focus on enhanced electronics and instruction into the design of technological functions are incorporated in curricula everywhere. Virgin Mobile phones might not be known for being the most multifaceted instruments, but they will always be credit for having led the way in that direction so long ago.

Anyone interested in purchasing from Virgin Mobile only need look on the Internet. Many great deals abound there with possible discounts and cash-back refund offers that will help save money whenever necessary and provide buyers with satisfy results.

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