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Right CD Packaging for Creating the Right Impression

By: Mandira Kumar

Blogging / Forums In the highly competitive CD and DVD world, where scores of products are being launched everyday, the "appearance" of the products matters a lot from the marketing point of view. Just as one cannot afford to compromise on the quality of content or the CD and DVD, similarly one should not cut corners on the packaging aspect either.

Whether, you want to send a demo of your music album to a music company or you are ready with your first album to launch it in the market, an attractive and innovative packaging will go a long way in creating a positive first impression amongst the targeted audience.

There is an extensive range of CD and DVD packaging options that can be broadly categorized into two groups - Standard Packaging and Creative Packaging.

Standard packaging includes the standard CD jewel case, slim jewel case, clam shells, DVD case and plastic wallets. On the other hand, creative packaging includes the digipak, printed card wallets, mail packs, single packs, slipcases and more.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you choose the right kind of packaging once you completed the CD or DVD replication or duplication and are ready to launch your product in the market.

Find a reputed company

Since CD or DVD replication or duplication as well as packaging are equally time consuming jobs, look for a company that offers both CD or DVD duplication services and packaging solutions. It would not only help you to save on time, but also prove to be more economical.

Negotiate the price

Packaging comes in a wide range of prices. Hence, you must always be careful about the price factor as it can go really high at times. To be on the safer side, get the price quote for a particular work from a couple of companies and then decide the final company after looking at their offers.

Choose the right packaging

Usually when it comes to packaging options for CDs or DVDs, there is a wide range of options. Depending upon your marketing strategy and the market where you want to launch your product, you can choose Digipak, Jewel Cases, Printed Wallet or Non-printed Wallet.

Customized pack

By selecting the right packaging, you can launch your brand in the market as never before. In fact, there are many specialized companies who would be happy to create and design a new and bespoke pack to meet your specific requirements. Customized packaging would help in making a real impression upon the buyer’s mind.

Decide the size

A CD or DVD pack can hold one, two, three or at the max four CDs or DVDs per pack. Depending upon the size of your production you can decide the size and capacity of a pack beforehand. You don’t want your buyer to find difficulty to handle the CD due to improper size of the package.

Print finish

The overall look of any CD packaging option depends a lot on the print finish. There are many types of print finishes such as embossing, matt lamination, gloss UV, foil blocking and die cutting to name a few. To give your CD/DVD packaging a more attractive feel, choose the print finish that will suit your production best.

Neat Font

In marketing, neatness actually counts. Whenever you need to print some text on the package, select a neat font. The text for cover letter, press kit and lyrics must be clear and neatly written. Go that extra mile to make sure that the title of the production or its key feature is clearly visible to the buyers from the packaging itself.

Mark Thomas is a graphic designer who offers affordable DVD replication and DVD duplication services in London, along with CD packaging solutions.
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