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Home Inventory - Marital Status Changes Are Reasons To Have One

By: Cindy Hartman

Marriage Most people know they should have an inventory of the contents of their home or business in case a disaster occurs. When itís time to file an insurance claim, the written and photographic documents will provide detailed information of your contents and help you maximize your claim.

Life events also call for a need to know what you own. Whether it is a divorce or marriage, this information is extremely important and will prove worth the time and effort if you compile it yourself, or worth the expense if you choose to hire a professional inventory service provider.

PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENTS Joining two households together can be stressful, and an inventory can serve as a starting point for the new couple. When adult children are involved, it is even more important to know the value of assets each person is bringing to the marriage.

Additionally, the sentimental items and family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations are key items to be listed on the inventory. Adult children need to know that their family items will remain in the family. They also need to feel confident that their parentís estate will be theirs and not passed down to the adult step-children. Thinking about death is not a topic people like to discuss, but starting out with these issues resolved will help keep the families on good terms years from now. Include a bequest column on your written report; this is imperative! Each item listed can have a name listed next to it, stating exactly who you want to receive it, whether it is furniture, a collectable or piece of jewelry. This will assure adult children that all family items will remain in the family and be passed per your request.

DIVORCE When splitting up a household, some couples want to know the value of their belongings so they can be sure to receive equitable settlements. (If in inventory was created prior to marriage as part of the pre-nuptials, this will be a very easy task.) When one of the spouses is a business owner, an inventory of the assets of the business will be extremely important. If necessary, a court-ordered, 3rd party inventory service provider will help ensure the value is stated accurately.

While between residences, an inventory is also extremely helpful when moving or placing items in storage. Youíll be able to prove if something was damaged or missing during the move. Plus, youíll be able to remember everything in case of a tornado, hurricane, fire, flood or other loss that occurs while your belongings are in storage.

If you are in one of these categories, seek the assistance of a professional to provide the service for you. A 3rd party service provider will bring credibility to your report. But, make sure they are a solid company and have been in business long enough to feel comfortable they will remain in business. Verify they are bonded and insured. In addition to the inventory service, the provider should also include secure back-up of your records and a process in place to update your records annually. Without the updates, the report will be outdated very quickly.

Cindy Hartman and her husband, Mike, are owners of a commercial and home inventory service. They also own Hartman Inventory Systems, LLC Ė a turnkey personal property inventory package. They started their business from the ground up; now they provide the experience you need to start and grow your own inventory service. Cindy invites you to visit her website at http://www.HartmanInventory.com to learn more about this complete startup package.
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