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Writing Emails That Create Cash

By: Jd Reilly

Email Using email marketing to enhance the traffic and sales to your website can be a confusing process if you donít understand the psychology of the market. Email marketing can actually be a very effective tool in promoting your website if you know how to make them stand out.

Your main objective in your email marketing is to get the reader to take action, right? It is really pointless if you have a list and email to that list and when they open up your email they do not click on the link within your email. Your ultimate objective for building a list is to get them to click on the link in that email. Michael Cheney refers to a process he describes as the "list building chain." There is a process rendered that builds trust and it is one link building upon another. In short, he refers to the first link of the list building chain as getting traffic to your website. That is followed by an opt-in page and actually getting them to opt-in. The next link would be receiving an email from you after opting in. Opening up the email would be the next successive link and the final link is that the individual takes action by clicking on the link placed within the email.

To be effective in your email marketing the first step is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What is the first thing you notice when you receive an email? You notice the subject of the email. When creating the subject of the email and to get the reader to open up that email it is important that you implement what is known as the "power of you" or the power of the word, "you." There is not a more important word or word that people like reading more, in marketing, than "you."

Consider the following two examples:

"I just found this great program that will be generating me a lot of cash through my blog. This program will change my life by giving me not only more financial freedom but freedom of Time too. I'm so excited about this program that I can't wait to put it into action and make a lot of money with it."

Now how does that make you feel? You probably feel, "Who cares? Itís got nothing to do with me."

"Youíre really going to love this new method that Iíve discovered for you. Youíre going to discover exactly how you can make a lot more money on the internet, and youíre going to be able to explode your earnings and make so much more money for yourself. Youíre going to have a lot more free time and youíre going to be rich beyond your wildest dreams."

How does that sound? It sounds a lot better, right? Itís pretty much the same thing, but what have I done? I changed the wording and made it about you, and thatís what you need to do in all your marketing. Start using "you" more than "I" "me" or "myself."

It has been statistically proven that the more times you can include the word "you," the more times people will actually buy from you. This is because it speaks to them; it reaches out and touches somebody.

As you create emails look at the content and especially the subject line and "you-i-fy" it. Use the word "you" and place "you," "your" and "yours" in as many places as you can. It is important to occasionally give background information to build the story about who you are, where you've come from and why you're marketing online. More importantly, though, you should answer their questions and help them overcome the issues or problems that they face.

Another important attention grabber is using a personís name in the subject line. Nothing is more important to them than their own name. Auto responders have what is known as a "first-name tag." When you place the first-name tag it will use their name so that it appears with the greeting as, "Hi John" or "Greetings Beth."

A final suggestion in writing an email that creates cash is using curiosity. Humans are very curious creatures. We like to know whatís on the other side or what the secret is. You can use this idea to your advantage. Ask a question in the subject like, "Do you know the answer to XYZ?" "Can you guess what this is?" or "What does this sound like?"

You can even write a half-sentence, "The biggest mistake online is...." and then they need to open it to actually find what the biggest mistake online is. You can even combine these methods by using the word "you," their first name and curiosity in one line, "John, this is most important to you. It's called..."

These are some tools and text devices that you can use to make sure that people are actually going to read your email. Test these ideas and see if your emails don't start creating the response you desire. Taking the time to conduct these tests can make the difference between an effective email marketing campaign and one that is a flop.

JD Reilly is committed to helping others succeed at internet marketing with tested and proven products and strategies. The success is built upon-A focused target market, A product people are hungry for, A marketing strategy and Automation. Discover the EASY Way To Become A Successful Internet Marketer With Expert Online Video Training with powerful Internet Marketing video tutorials at http://www.ebizdynasties.com
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