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How Big is Your List?

By: M Murphy

Email Does size really matter? When it comes to the size of your mailing list, yes it does matter. Think about it for a moment, it has been said that each subscriber is worth $1 a month. How much is your small list worth compared to a large list?

It is simple maths to work out that the larger the list the more money it is worth. But it isn't just about building a large list, but building a relationship with those people. You see, you could have a list of 10,000 and if they never hear from you except when you want to sell to them, and then it won't be a surprise to find that even $1 a month is far higher than they are worth.

But when you build a relationship with them, when they trust you, they will also trust you to recommend and sell good products to them.

How do you build that big list, which wants to hear from you, and also wants to buy from you? It takes planning to get it right, but you will find that a downline builder is a great way to start.

You will be offering people an incentive to join your list, and they will also be able to start to build their own list. You will not only have an opt-in page on your website, but you will use a double opt-in for all those who sign up.

In a very short space of time you will have a double opt-in viral list. The key here is the word viral. You will have a viral list, which you will use viral marketing with, having a viral explosion of your viral network.

Do you see how this works; it is all about going viral, marketing, explosion, network, lists? Do you see how these all link together?

You don't understand how they all work together? Well, you'll know that when marketers talk about viral they know it is going to explode their business and make them a lot more money.

This is true for you, as you have a viral list. Ah! You don't have a viral list. OK! Then we need to start by building a viral list. Yes, it is possible to do, all you need is a list that knows what you're offering is the best around; they can't help gossip about you to other people. This will take your list viral, and then you can start a viral marketing campaign. You will be selling them products which they know they can't afford not to have.

They will be telling their network all about you and your products, and this is when the explosion will take place. You list will become far bigger than you're dreamt about. It will make you money that before you had thought wasn't possible, all because you thought about viral and how it could affect your business. No longer will you be ashamed of the size of your list, because you know how to build a big list, and one you are proud of.

This article with useful information about the importance of list building to increase your bottom line and ultimately your profits was brought to you by Michael Murphy. Try visiting also his list building site at http://www.downlinebuilderdirect.com
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