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How to Remove Spyware

By: Kumar Gandharva

Site Security Computer spyware and adware seem to be taking over computers everywhere these days, but there are some good measures that you can follow to help your computers be at bay from such dangerous malware. Letís throw some light on definitions of these pesky software programs:

Adware is software that displays futile as well as attractive advertisments on your PC. These ads have a sole motive to popup on your screen at any time. They usually come bundled with free software as a source to make money.

Now, what is Spyware? It is software that watches your Internet surfing habits or tracks your usernames and passwords followed by sending this information to a third party without your permission or knowledge.

Outlined below are some safety measures brought to you by iYogi Technical Services to keep your computer malware free:
ē Be Careful When You Download
Even your favourite websites can have infected data and software programs having spyware or adware that you don't know about. You are advised to check everything before you download any stuff from the Internet. Carry out a search in search engines like Yahoo! and Google for the software along with the word 'spyware' or 'adware' and install antispyware.

If you don't get any significant results for such keywords, it may be safe to continue downloading. Always read the license agreement associated with the application with meticulous eyes. Any bundled components should be mentioned in there somewhere. When you install the software, choose the 'custom' option if given there. It provides you with a better view of the installation process and control over what components are actually getting installed on your PC.

Install a Popup Blocker

Spyware also gets automatically installed when you click on a popup window on your screen. These pop-up windows can simply look can often be quite attractive to click on. Installing a pop-up blocker helps to prevent these disturbing annoying distractions. Download for these pop-up blockers are available on Google.

Avail Immediate Technical Support Services
In case, you feel something suspicious in your computerís behaviour, call for immediate technical help. Never wait for things to turn worser. Support workers will provide you withy instant solutions for virus removal, spyware removal and other required troubleshooting and virus removal services.

Kumar Gandharva is an online technical support specialist for iYogi, a leading online computer support company that is synergistically aligned to offer computer support services and instant solutions for virus removal, spyware removal and other required troubleshooting and virus removal services. to its clients based in UK, USA, Canada.
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