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E-mail flyers: Revolutionizing Online Marketing

By: James Elliott

Email The ubiquitous paper pamphlet will perhaps never die out. Handed out at shopping arenas, distributed with newspapers, dropped in mailboxes – flyers are around everywhere. Now it has an electronic counterpart – the email flyer which is becoming just as popular with web marketers as the archetypal flyer has been with advertising and marketing minds.

How is an effective and professionally designed email flyer different from the regular paper flyer? Well, for one it needs to be designed by a web designer.

So you have to look for an affordable web design agency to do it for you and the biggest benefit of the email flyer is irrespective of whether you are in the UK, the USA or any other country, you can hire a web design company of your choice from anywhere in the world to design your email flyer.

Major benefits of e-mail flyers


As e-mail flyers can be delivered to the customers within seconds, it takes minimum time to launch a product in the market. Moreover, the awareness of your product gets spread far beyond your expectation. As the World Wide Web is a global market, your product gets noticed on a large scale.

Viral Marketing

As compared to paper flyers, e-mail flyers are inherently viral in nature. If your email flyer is attractively designed with interesting content and you have sent it to a hundred customers, it is likely to forwarded by the recipients to their contacts are who will further send it ahead to theirs acquaintances. In other words, with one well designed flyer sent to a targeted list of potential customers, you can contact a few hundred people in no time. You don’t need to print hundreds of copies to do that.

Gets you new customers

Any person who is receiving a "forwarded flyer" gets automatically enrolled in your mailing list. This way, for your next project you would have a new data of prospective customers.

Extremely cost effective

An e-mail flyer is extremely cost-effective. You don’t have to spend a bomb in order to design a professional looking e-mail flyer. Moreover, there is no need to hire web designers every time you need to send some new information to your customers.

Easy to operate

Most of the e-mail flyer programs are very easy of handle. You don’t need hi-tech software engineers to send your email flyers across. Your marketing team can do it easily.

Easy to track the progress

With e-mail flyers, you can easily track the result of your efforts. It is easier to track down all aspects of progress and success of an e-mail flyer. With this information, you can further plan the promotional mix for your product or service. Nowadays it is even easier to track who is opening your email, who clicked a link on your flyer and who further forwarded it to others. This kind of detailed response data is not available in any other form of advertising and promotion.

No Boundaries

Any company can use e-mail flyers to advertise their products and services to a targeted market. Any type of business venture or company can be promoted through an email marketing campaign with the help of e-mail flyers.

Good for environment

E-mail flyers are a lot more environment friendly as compared to the traditional paper flyers. As a responsible citizen it is essential to treat our environment properly. Email flyers don’t generate waste or dirty the environment.

Undoubtedly, email flyers are an effective advertising and promotional tool if used judiciously. If you don’t make efforts to create an attractive email flyer, chance is your targeted customer is going to hit the ‘delete’ button without taking a look at what you want to say in it.

However, for successfully running an effective e-mail flyer campaign it is essential to have a high quality mailing list. Never try to grab e-mail addresses of any website to send e-mail flyers as it might immediately be filtered by email applications as spam. Focus on building a quality mailing list of people from whom you have the permission to send e-mails.

With the easy availability of plenty of user-friendly software applications, you can send out your e-mail flyer within a matter of minutes. But to create a professional looking flyer, it is essential to approach some professional web design agency.

James Elliott is a web designer who offers affordable web design solutions in the UK. Besides working as a senior designer in a reputed web design agency in the UK, he dabbles into writing too. His articles on affordable web design UK have been published in various on line portals.
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