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TV Wall Brackets Are Just As Important As Your New TV

By: Phil Battison

Sales / Service When buying a new flat-screen television, having the right TV wall brackets are as important as the type of television you buy. Please don't forget about this, as it is definitely the most important consideration. You have several options, such as having your television flat-mounted or giving it the ability to move or swivel. Your TV wall brackets will provide an important foundation needed to keep your new investment from falling off the wall and breaking. While in the past your television sat on the floor, today's new televisions are lightweight and easily mounted anywhere you choose. Your television salesperson should be your partner in finding your new model, and you need to know the appropriate questions to ask. If you buy a clearance model, go through the trouble of mounting of it, and then decide later to get the latest and greatest one, you are simply wasting your time and ruining your new TV wall brackets. This is your most important investment and should be treated that way.

When shopping, be sure to get a complete picture of what your television's warranty covers. A lot of times the labor is included in installation but not the hardware. Many times you are covered when doing your own installation, and you may trade your TV for a new one if you mess up your own install and end up breaking it. This is important. If a satisfaction guarantee comes with your warranty, you usually have a set time period to turn in your television if you are not happy for ANY reason. You can do your own installation on your new TV. You want to shop around and make sure you find the best TV wall brackets available. While you were thinking of mounting your TV flat on the wall, you should be aware that there are other options available such as having a movable arm or a swivel. The movable arm is especially useful if you live in a large open living space.

Be sure to know what you need. Measure your space and do your homework. Also take a look at the aesthetics that your space requires, such as design, color, and other considerations such as backlighting. A lot of TV wall brackets are hidden, so their design is not important. This allows you to focus completely on the television. Research the wall brackets themselves as well. Look online at the prices and what is available. Features usually determine how they are categorized (swivel, movable arm, flat mount), as well as the weight of your television. Newer televisions are now very lightweight, so find out how much your new unit weighs before buying hardware. Shopping online will be helpful as you can compare prices and features before you buy. Installing your new TV wall brackets yourself can be very rewarding as you can look at your unit daily and remind yourself what a great job you've done. Once you've done your research on the one you want including the TV wall brackets, you can shop with confidence, knowing you're buying what you need. This is important. Remember that buying a flat-screen television and getting the right TV wall brackets is the most important investment you can make.

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