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Build a Strong Blog Foundation

By: Tj Philpott

Blogging / Forums Building a strong blog foundation is vital if you intend to attract plenty of traffic to your site.

Here are 4 basic components you'll need to establish and maintain for your blog to attract readers.

1) Your Blog needs a personality

Remember that one of the most popular features a blog can extend to its readers is a distinct personality. The tone and delivery distinguishes your blog. Tailor it to your own personality. This is recommended since you'll be posting to it regularly thereby making your post more 'natural' and easier for you to create. The personality of any blog can make or break the success of that blog. Pick yours and maintain its consistency!

2) Determine your blogs purpose

This is the reason you created your blog. It is what subject, problem, or market you originally targeted. Stick to it! Maintain your consistency! Your readers are visiting your blog based upon the subject matter that you've established early on. Don't confuse or betray them by wandering from the blogs original theme. Remember, it took a good amount of effort to gain their loyalty to begin with. If they start to drift away guess what, you're starting over AGAIN!

3) Focus on the Quantity of your Posts

In the infancy stages of your blog you'll want to post frequently in order to gain attention and establish a reader base within the 'community'. Without frequent postings it is easy for your blog to be overlooked. As your traffic increases you can focus more on the QUALITY of your post. The simple idea here is to get their attention (frequent postings) and then maintain their readership due to the 'worthiness' of your entries (quality posts.)

4) Utilize the Interactivity of your Blog

One of the most popular features (and benefits) of a blog is the ability for your readers to leave comments. This is an opportunity for the blogger to ask questions and use the feedback to improve on posts, products, layout, and other areas the readers may feel need improvement. Listen to comments left. They can help you make rapid improvements.

Visit other blogs within your 'community' and interact with them. Leave comments although ALWAYS be sure your comments are appropriate, constructive, or interesting. By leaving a signature with your comment (your name and a link back to your blog or website) you've just opened up a new avenue of targeted traffic to your site. This is important and is easy to do!

The efforts you put into building a solid blog foundation will reflect in the amount of traffic to your site. The time will come when you've been 'discovered'. You'll know this by the influx of readers you suddenly have due to an interesting post you made or the increase in the popularity of your subject matter. Take advantage and put more emphasis on the 'quality' of your post. You're on center stage now, congratulations!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For additional success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit: http://blogbrawn.com
Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com
Article link: http://good-article.com/articles/217353-Build-a-Strong-Blog-Foundation.html

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