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Make Cement Blocks--A Money Making Business

By: John Mowatt

Business The building trades are heavy users of cement blocks. They use them to build everything from large multi-storey buildings right down to small backyard compost makers. Their popularity has never declined after many years of use. Concrete blocks are always needed due to their low cost,versatility and strength. They will always be in demand wherever building goes on.

Anyone looking for an excellent business to start part time from home will find the concrete block business to be excellent. This business can be started as a part time project and with work will become a very lucrative full time business. The cost of startup can be very low since only hand molds are needed at first to produce up to 100 blocks per day. These molds can be made from plywood and sheet metal and are not expensive to make. You fill the molds with concrete mix,of the right type,then turn the blocks out to dry and cure. You can use a cement mixer to mix the concrete or do it by hand on the ground.

One person in a full days work can make 100 cement blocks quite easily. When the business grows to the point where more blocks are needed to fill larger orders a concrete block making machine is the answer. With this you can make hundreds of blocks per day. At this time you will require assistance to take the blocks from the machine and set them aside, for drying,on racks. You also must have sufficient storage space to dry all the blocks prior to delivery. You may have to expand into bigger premises but the extra expense will easily be paid for by the greater sales and you will be able to make an excellent profit.

Concrete block making machines are made by a number of companies. They are fairly expensive but will pay for themselves in increased production. Alternately if you wish you can obtain plans for building your own machine at much less cost . This machine is built from auto parts and sheet metal and is quite easy to construct. If you cannot weld,a welding shop will do that part for you at quite reasonable cost. This home built machine is every bit as good as the expensive commercial machines and will turn out hundreds of blocks per day.

When you are in the concrete block making business it is a no brainer to produce other concrete products also. There is a great demand for such things as garden ornaments,bird baths,sundials,patio blocks and many other concrete items. Plans for making these items without expensive purchased molds are also readily available. Making these items will provide much extra income. The profit margin on them is usually much higher than on cement blocks so they can be a valuable addition to any concrete business.

Manufacturing concrete blocks and other concrete products is an excellent business which you can start with very little cash outlay and build into a highly profitable full time business. You can begin part time in this business while still working at your job. When it grows to the point where full time work is needed to keep up with the demand you then,and not before then,become a full time entrepreneur.

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