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Outsourcing to India

By: Kathleen Staley

Marketing and Advertising Outsourcing to India in Today's World: How to Manage a in a Changing Landscape


When the so-called outsourcing revolution began some ten years ago, nations like India were prime targets for companies and other enterprises that were attempting to reduce the costs of certain functions that previously were undertaken in house. In this regard, a significant number of business enterprises and other organizations turned to India-based enterprises as outsourcing providers.

A common example of the type of outsourcing that was being undertaken within the nation of India was customer service and technical support. Many business enterprises turned to Indian providers because of the fact that employees in India are paid far less than what employees are paid in North American and most European nations. Thus, businesses were able to save a great deal of money by outsourcing different functions that once were undertaken in house and at a significantly greater cost.

Status of Outsourcing to India

The movement towards and pace of outsourcing to India has slowed in recent years. Indeed, some companies that have outsourced to India have commenced recalling some of the functions that had been outsourced to India either back in house or to contract providers in other parts of the world.

There are a number of reasons that some businesses have started to move away from outsourcing to India in recent years. (One does need to keep in mind that India was the primary spot where a great deal of outsourcing functions were being undertaken as the outsourcing trend really became a more steady flow in the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century.

Some businesses have expressed concerns about the quality of services that they have been receiving from outsourcing providers in the 21st century. This particularly has been the case when it comes to outsourced customer service and technical support functions. Despite the added costs that many times are experienced when these functions are maintained in house, some companies actually have pulled these functions in house regardless of the expense to make sure that the highest quality standards when it comes to customer service and support is maintained.

The net effect of movement out of India and the slowing down out outsourcing projects to that country is that India is becoming less of an outsourcing industry leader at this point in time. A number of other nations are hot on the heals of India when it comes to outsourcing efforts.

Other Alternatives

As suggested a moment ago, there are now alternatives to outsourcing to India. These outsourcing alternatives include:

In North America and throughout Europe, there are now companies that have been set up with the intent of trying to compete with some of the inexpensive operations that are operating in India. While these businesses cannot compete with India when it comes to the wages paid to employees, North American and European entities that are attempting to compete in the outsourcing marketplace are employing a broader range of technological advances that allows certain outsourced functions to be undertaken in a far more cost effective manner.

When looking to Europe for outsourcing, some of the nations in the eastern part of the continent have been particularly successful in meeting India head on. In some nations -- Romania, for example -- wages are lower than in other parts of Europe and North America. As a consequence, there are enterprises in these nations that have been able to compete fairly strongly with their Indian counterparts.

Central and South America are also regions in which outsourcing enterprises have been able to make and gain some headway in the market, even against the once totally dominate Indian outsourcing industry.

The Future

Businesses and other organizations will continue to use outsourcing services into the future. In this regard, there will be a wider range of outsourcing alternatives available to businesses and other organizations in the future.

More businesses and other organizations will consider domestic outsourcing enterprises when they are in needed of outsourcing services. In addition, those companies and other entities that chose to outsource internationally will be considering countries above and beyond India. While India will still obtain a significant share of outsourced business into the foreseeable future, other countries will continue to take an ever increasing share of the outsourcing market during the coming decade. For more information, visit Market IQ International

Kathleen Staley worked 15 years outsourcing. She works in India, China, Kenya. She specializes in customer services and business to business sales.call center experth
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