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What Does An Employment Law Solicitor Do?

By: Matthew James

Legal Employment Law is probably the most rapidly developing area of law within the UK. Employment Law Solicitors advise both employers and employees on their rights and obligations and are able to provide specialist advice on all aspects of employment law.

An Employment Law Solicitor will regularly advise employers and employees on the following aspects of Employment Law:

Preparing employment contracts.

Preparing Director Service Contracts.

Preparing Staff Handbooks and policy and procedures including disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures.

Grievance and disciplinary issues.

Transfers of undertakings (TUPE).


Compromise agreements.

Maternity, paternity and adoption and parental leave.

Flexible working.

Time off for dependants.

Discrimination including sex, race, colour, national or ethnic origins, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

Equal pay.

Breach of Contract.

Unfair dismissal

Wrongful dismissal.

Civil Court claims.

Employment Tribunal claims.

Drafting Documentation

An Employment Law Solicitor will draft bespoke contracts of employment for employers to suit the particular needs of their business. An Employment Law Solicitor will also be able to advise as to what other documentation an employer may require. This will usually include a disciplinary and dismissal procedure and a grievance procedure as a minimum. Employers may also require policies governing issues such as maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave and pay, internet and e-mail use, data protection, bullying and harassment, whistle blowing etc. An Employment Law Solicitor will help an employer to decide whether they need a staff handbook containing a full range of employment policies and procedures or whether selected employment policies and procedures will suffice.

The Employment Relationship

An Employment Law Solicitor can help employer and employee to get the most out of the working relationship. An Employment Law Solicitor will be able to give advice on statutory rights relating to pay, working time and holidays; on flexible working and time off work and also on sensitive issues relating to conduct, capability and discipline within the employment relationship.

In the unfortunate cases where it becomes necessary to dismiss an employee or to make redundancies, an Employment Law Solicitor will also be able to assist with ensuring that the dismissal or redundancy is dealt with according to the law with the aim of minimising the possibility of a dispute.

Courts and Employment Tribunals

There are occasions when employees feel that they have no alternative but to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. Similarly, employers may be faced with an Employment Tribunal claim that they have neither the time nor the resources to deal with. A range of claims may be brought in the Tribunal such as Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, victimisation etc. An Employment Law Solicitor will be able to advise the employee or employer as to the prospects of successfully making or defending a Tribunal claim and will also be able to represent the employer or employee in the Tribunal proceedings.

Lees Solicitors LLP was established in 1889, and are experienced Employment Law Solicitors with offices throughout the Wirral and Chester. Additional areas of expertise include Family Law, Personal Injury and Residential Conveyancing.
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