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Why Should You Use a Blog to Promote Your Online MLM Business?

By: Marco Abanico

Blogging / Forums For a newbie online network marketer, one of the ways to drive traffic to your multi-level marketing (MLM) website is by blogging. Blogging allows the network marketer to establish rapport with his audience, trust, and the exchange of information. These are the same things that are difficult to achieve between big companies and the entire world. Making use of blogs is a two-part method:
  • For one, being conscious of what is said on the internet about you and your MLM company. Many internet users are blogging their thoughts and feelings about big hitter distributors, small time distributors, the MLM company, and its products. Starting a blog for your MLM business helps you to be an active participant in the blogging communication interchange.
  • Considering whether or not your online network marketing distributorship can benefit from having a blog.
By starting a blog for your own online network marketing distributorship, you benefit in five ways by:
  • Communicating with customers and possible distributors
  • Being recognized as an authority figure
  • Generating customers’ interest in your products or prospects’ interest in your online distributorship
  • Calling customers to action by making a product purchase
  • Calling prospects to action by signing up under you
Communicating with your customers via blogging can convey news about your MLM company, upcoming events such as seminars or conventions in a nearby city, and product information to your customers.

Blogging about your expertise in online marketing or your knowledge in a particular product establishes you as an expert in your field of online network marketing.

Blogging about your testimonials on a particular weight loss product you use can generate interest among your readers who are seeking diet information. Blogging about your success in network marketing can generate interest among prospects who are looking for a good sponsor in MLM.

By establishing links from your blog to a particular weight loss product, you call the customer to action by having him click on that link to that product to view and make a purchase from you.

Finally, by establishing rapport with readers who are seriously looking for a business opportunity, you can call the prospect to action by having him pick up the phone and call you to sign up, or have him click a link from your blog to the signup page where he can signup in your downline electronically.

Blogging has generated interest among many network marketers. One thing is for certain, if you plan to blog, be sure to blog consistently to keep your MLM website and blog website fresh. If you blog once in a blue moon, visitors will stop coming to visit your blog and lose interest.

Marco Abanico is a network marketer who lends his expertise on internet marketing by writing extensively on getting free MLM leads for your business, employing strategies for internet marketing, and generating network marketing leads on the internet.
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