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5 Free Ways To Earn Online With Affiliate Marketing

By: Deborah Lee

Affiliate Programs When we choose to work from home , we explore all of the possibilities. We soon find out the cost of building a website , using a host for the site , spending money on the various promotional methods and so forth. What if , as newbies , we do not have the money for all of that ? I will tell you about 5 free ways to earn online with affiliate marketing , and you will not have to work any harder.

Newbie Or Not - Everyone Loves FREE

ARTICLE MARKETING has a great reputation for giving us fast , easy traffic and exposure. We can write about tips , tricks , product reviews , and much more. There are many people who are making a decent living from article marketing alone. Of course , they first learned the proper way to do it. Even though you can read and write , does not mean that you are a natural article writer. Even the pros use help sometimes.

SQUIDOO is very popular and is , in my opinion , very addictive and extremely simple to get the hang of. There are many additional ways to earn money with Squidoo other than promoting your affiliate marketing links , one being able to sell e - Bay products on your lens. There are no unanswered questions as there are tons of lenses which explain in detail how to do anything. If you want free traffic , you will get it here.

BLOGGING is a bit different. You can promote your affiliate links as above and much more. A blog is set up completely different from a lens and lets you choose the design and color scheme that appeals to you. You can earn extra money from placing Google AdSense on your blog , you can earn money each time someone clicks on an ad - it really ads up. ( no pun intended ) Again , you will attract traffic here too.

AUTORESPONDERS can be a tremendous help for your affiliate marketing business. Although it is not a necessity , it one day will be , so it is better to get familiar with it now. Once you build an opt - in list , you will have the opportunity to get many prospective customers knocking down your door.

FREE WEB PAGES AND HOSTING do not usually have a great reputation for various reasons. For a beginner though , it is a great way to learn the ropes and earn money at the same time. Like any website , the traffic you get depends on the content of your site , whether it is search engine friendly or not and other factors that you will learn on the way.

This is just a small sample of the free methods you can use to earn money online with affiliate marketing. There are people who never spend any money for adverting while others spend thousands. For a newbie , I recommend the free methods because there will be a lot of trial and error at first.

Once you start to earn money online , it is a good idea to set some aside for taking baby steps with pay per click. You really need to learn all about PPC before you dive in. The more money you make , the more you can spend on important things such as , website and hosting - auto responder - maybe even a good link cloaker if you want. Although the free ones work good enough , the real money is in the paid versions.

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