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The Worst Work at Home Business Scrams

By: Dock J Murphy

Ecommerce The dream of thousands of people is to be free to work at home. The ads are enticing. Be your own boss. Make as much money as you need. There are so many opportunities it seems impossible that you could fail. But the sad truth is that many, if not most of these opportunities are scams. Some are worse than others.

Envelope stuffing the doyen of home-based business scams has been around since the 1920s. One website even referred to it as the "cockroach you just can't eliminate." Basically, this scam involves you sending off a fee to learn how to make money stuffing envelopes from home. Envelope Stuffing Scam, extra sort in this is a scam where unquestioning public are aided to start an envelope filling business and the expert mindset are only a minimal fee away. This ends up with you buying a CD where the unpretentious equipment approximately the business are agreed your deal goes to surplus. Envelope Stuffing - The envelope stuffing scam has been around for as long as I can remember. The way this job works is that the job seeker will see an ad in the newspaper for something like this: "Make 100s of Dollars Stuffing Envelopes from Your Home".

Scammers use false identification all the time to pick up funds. Some transfer systems allow for pick up at any number of offices within the system since the funds may only be registered within a funds central, a hub if you will, servicing many different offices in the general area. Scammers got into Second Life and set up a virtual bank. But it's not real, right? Scammers are getting more creative every day, coming up with new schemes to get your money (or sensitive information). By educating yourself on the common scams and keeping aware about new ones, you can stop the scammers in their tracks.

Scammers can appeal to the best and the worst in each of us. Some appeal to our generosity, others to our greed and desire for quick riches. Scammers know that the faster you act, the less you think (and research). And if this is a fly-by-night company, these time limits provide a better opportunity to take the money and run. Scam artists are in abundance, and just waiting for someone who is hopeful - and inexperienced - to happen by. Don't let it be you! Of course, there are scam artists who target those who want to start their own home based business, but there are also scam artists who target average computer users around the world.

Ask questions and then ask some more. It is your responsibility to ensure that the company you are dealing with is legitimate. Ask other forum users to join your list. Making friends in this way also makes it easier for your new friends to become your new customers. Ask for references for jobs that are at least 10 to 12 months old.

Check consumer agencies before dealing with any company but use the report as one of many tools, not the only tool. Beware of any company that has no report at all, has unanswered consumer complaints, or has large numbers of complaints in a short period of time. Check these out before you hand over your hard earned money for a deal that may be too good to be true.

Start your quest by doing some searches via Google and similar search engines, for example, search terms such as making money online, make money online, work from home, and home based business. You will find that a very general research session will become more specific as you go on, as you begin to find ideas and information that appeals to you. Start earning money from home today!" I was so very disturbed to see over 50 people giving out there emails while begging for more information on this. Stay away from it unless you have done the work of really checking a company out and even then I would pass, because there are simply only a handful that are legitimate and I have NEVER even stumbled across them as of yet. Start your education by learning how to research before you fall for a scam or waste your time and money. You know, persuasive sales copy is an art form that is used by everyone online today.

Reshipping fraud is relatively new to the realm of home-business fraud; as such, reshipping "opportunities" still appear in legitimate newspapers and websites, which lend them an air of credibility. Don't be fooled. Reshipping fraud is becoming a common work at home scam. This type of job, the home based worker needs to receive, repack and then mail the merchandise to a foreign address.

Join online focus groups and get paid. Your opinion is count. Join and start promoting now. Remember the more people who join the lower your share of the money will be.

Don't believe the glorious testimonials. You'll pay anywhere from 49 to 99 to join the opportunity. Don't you think so? Her lips tightened as she thought of her father looking up from his book-viewer just long enough to say, but if you're going to pretend you're nineteen, Arcadia, what will you do when you're twenty-five and all the boys think you're thirty? Don't you see that the whole orientation of their domination is different? It is not physical, but psychological.

Dock J. Murphy is owner of Plug in Profit Site.com and writes on a variety on a variety of subjects. To find the best work at home business online opportunity and ideas so you can work at home visit: http://www.globalwealthdjm.com
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