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Finding A Realtor

By: Richard Bleuze

Sales / Service Whether you are buying or selling a home, finding the right realtor is a key decision in making sure that your sale or purchase goes smoothly.

It is a fact that it is much more likely that you will get the realtor you want when you are selling your home, because it is up to you to do the research to find a realtor that you like, trust and can depend on to help you get the most money for the property you are offering.

It's a little different when you are in the market to buy a home. You will usually contact the realtor that is associated with the sale of the property you are interested in. It is just as important for a homebuyer to find a realtor who will work with him or her and effectively find the house that fits the buyers wants and needs. The difference is a listing agent sells homes, and a selling agent deals mostly with people looking to buy a home. There are a few agents who do both.

A listing agent will place ads in order to sell a home for someone. They place many ads because they hope to entice other people who are entertaining the thought of selling their homes. Their main market is really focused on other realtors and their main goal is to convince buyer's realtor to make an offer. This is a good thing if you are selling your home because if many realtors are bringing potential buyers to see your home, the chance you will sell it becomes greater.

Most seller realtors list themselves as such in realtor directories, so it is fairly easy to find a few to interview and choose the one that you feel you has the best qualifications and personality to satisfy your needs. Another good way to find a buyer realtor is to check with a friend, a family member or co-worker. Many have or no someone who has recently purchased a home and will be happy to share information with you.

When choosing a realtor, you should contact an interview as you would with an attorney or physician. You want to deal with someone who has many satisfied customers and a proven successful track record. If the realtor you are interviewing asks you question about your financial status, credit rating, etc., then you know that this realtor is looking out for your best interest and will give you the facts instead of saying what he or she thinks you want to hear.

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