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Encrypted USB Hard Drives : What, Why and How?

By: Pamela Lund

Technology In todayís society, it seems that anywhere that you go there is usually some form of computer accessibility nearby. For the active business person or college student, having the ability to use these devices to access your personal information anywhere that you may find yourself is an important factor to success. A USB hard drive with encryption may be the perfect device that will permit you to have all your data in the palm of your hand.

USB hard drives with encryption go by a number of different names, such as flash drives or thumb drives. These devices can fit onto your key ring and can contain a huge amount of storage. There are also memory storage cards that can also be used for this purpose.

One advantage that these USB hard drives with encryption have over other storage devices such as floppy discs or CDs is the ability to connect into a USB port, which allows them to be used with any computer system. While many computers may be purchased that contain no floppy disk drives, all systems have USB port availability. These USB hard drives with encryption also have much more storage and are more compact and durable than these other memory storage devices.

The USB hard drives with encryption are not exactly "drives," as they contain no movable parts but are called such because when plugged into a computer, the operating system recognizes them as "drives." One advantage of this design is the fact that they are much more durable and there is less of a chance of a mechanical malfunction when dealing with stationery parts.

Most of these USB hard drives with encryption use a standard type-A USB connection that can be plugged into any USB port on a computer system. The device contains a small circuit board that is encased in durable metal or plastic and the connectors are either protected by a plastic removable cover or retract into the casing itself. The computer system provides the power source for the USB hard drives with encryption.

The most common use for these USB hard drives with encryption is to transport and store personal information. This flexibility will allow you to bring work home from the office or transport documents to the library where you may need to finish your research. One extremely beneficial use of these devices is in the care of the elderly, when medical records can be stored on a flash drive that will allow any hospital to access a personís medical history in the case of an emergency if the patient is unable to provide the information himself.

USB hard drives with encryption can also be used as a backup to store computer files in case the host device experiences a virus or other type of mechanical failure. Antivirus software can also be transferred from a flash drive into an infected host as well as storing a large amount of the hostís data while that system is shut down, making it an invaluable tool in making essential computer repairs.

As USB hard drives with encryption are easily lost or misplaced, many brands of these devices have the encryption placed directly into the hard drive itself to protect your data. Encryption software is also compatible with the majority of these USB hard drive devices. This security is an essential element to protect the data that you may be storing on one of these handy devices.

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