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More and more businesses using call recording equipment

By: Martin Harrison

Technology Many telephone networks and providers are now bundling phone call recording systems in with their line rental. Whilst these services may be useful for some businesses, they are not without their flaws. Whilst this method saves the cost of hardware, the relatively high set up costs, as much as 3000 in some cases could easily pay for in house systems. In addition to this, most providers charge monthly call storage costs, retrieval costs and monthly costs for each DDI line meaning that the cost of this service can soon mount up.

Usually, call recording systems are a means for the provider to tie the customer in to a contract with them. Changing provider could potentially mean a loss of call recordings. In order to use these services, the customer may have to change their telephone number to a non-geographic number which may be more expensive to call. This could mean that as a result people are less willing to call them.

One of the reasons that businesses are increasingly turning to call recording equipment is for compliance. As calls recorded via your service provider are not encrypted, they may not meet with compliance legislation. Outbound calls are only recorded if the call is to a non-geographical number and these are becoming increasingly less favoured by businesses.

The way in which the data is stored is also not ideal, say you wanted to download 100 phone calls to your PC; the .WAV format that they are stored in will take up a large amount of disk space and mean that this is a time-consuming process.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this system is that you are reliant on the telephone network itself, if this goes down then you could potentially loose vital recordings.

In addition to this, most providers charge monthly call storage costs, retrieval costs and monthly costs for each DDI line meaning that the cost of this service can soon mount up.

In light of this, many businesses are finding that it is more effective to implement in-house phone call recording equipment and software. Big Box Shop have a comprehensive range from one of the best suppliers of these systems, ReTell. These have a number of advantages over the outsourced methods of call recording.

Firstly, calls are stored to an independent hard drive and this data can be automatically downloaded onto a re-writable CD for archiving. This data is stored in a compressed format, meaning that it takes up minimal disk space. With call recording software, there is no need for a change of number and the system is portable to new locations. Above all, businesses are finding that this is a more cost-effective and reliable way to record call data. To find out more about call recording systems from Big Box, click here.

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