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Laser Printers: The latest in printing technology

By: Raisa Raima

Technology Laser printers are some of the newest way of printing. At present, companies offer cheap laser printers so that people can easily purchase them. The latest laser printers are providing more facilities than the printing.

Laser printer is a common type of computer printer that speedily produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. These printers have many significant advantages over other types of printers. This type of printer, uses a laser beam to print graphics of ultimate quality. The process by which it is done is by firstly, producing the graphic or text on a photosensitive drum using a laser beam, after that, the graphic or text is transferred onto paper with the help of a usual printing process. Quality, cost effectiveness and speed are some of the notable advantages of laser printers. This is due to the fact that the laser moves quite fast and prints with a better speed than an ink jet. Since, a laser travels in a single line, which is more precise, thereby avoids spilling of ink.

Laser printers use LED (light emitting diodes) or laser beams to burn the print(graphic or text) on paper. Resulting a hard copy which is made up of high quality resolution text or images with fine and closely distributed dots. The latest laser printers are capable of printing approximately 16 pages in one single minute. When it comes to the printing speed, it makes them faster than ink jet printers.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the domain of printers. The leading printer manufacturing companies, offer laser printers at very cheap rates. The availability of cheap laser printers has increased in the past few years. The laser printers are easily affordable and thus, people belonging to different classes can easily own an laser printer. Earlier, people used to think twice before they could purchase a laser printer. However, companies producing cheap laser printers have completely surpassed this problem.

The laser printers offer various functions than just printing a text or graphic file. At present there are several laser printers that provide the function of photocopy, through which the user can produce number of copies of the same file. The latest laser printers can be directly connected to the digital cameras and camera phones by which, the buyer can directly print the photographs on the photo paper. The need of getting the photographs developed at a studio has also been solved by the latest laser printers.

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