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10 Tips for Banner Advertising

By: Matthew James

Marketing and Advertising Vinyl Banners are a simple cost effective way to promote your business. Read more to find out how to make the most of banner advertising.

1. What will your banner be used for?

Banner advertising is very versatile and can be used inside, such as in shops, offices or museums; outside shops, restaurants and on buildings; for exhibitions and trade shows and at sporting events and concerts. Outside banners need to be more durable and weather resistant than indoor ones.

2. What is the aim of your banner?

Your banner can be used to advertise many different aspects of your business. What about promoting a sale, the opening of your new business, increased opening hours at yourshop or café, a new product range or new season stock in your shop; a live band playing at your pub; the fact that you now serve food in your museum, or are launching a new product at a trade show?

3. What needs to be on your banner?

Depending on the aim of your banner, you may need to include the message, phone number, website address, corporate slogan and logo. Or you may only need basic information such as Sale Now On, Car Park Next Left, Under New Management, or Now Open Longer.

The banner will need to contain just enough information to convey your intended message. Too much information and people will be put off, and if there’s not enough information people will ignore it or not know what to do.

4. How big does your banner need to be?

If your banner is too small it won’t be easy to read. If it’s too big it might be overpowering. Consider the amount of space that the banner will take up, and measure carefully.

5. What shape does your banner need to be?

The shape will depend on where the banner is going. Long and thin banners work well for down buildings such as a pub or restaurant, whilst short and wide are ideal for above a shop, and perhaps you want square banner for a concert or sporting event.

6. Who will design your banner?

If you are a creative type of person, you could design the banner yourself, and it will be cheaper than employing a designer to do it for you. Using an experienced designer will ensure that your banner will be appropriate for printing, and will be more professional than using clip art and a compromised font, from a word processing package.

7. Are the images clear and obvious?

Images and artwork that look clear on a piece of paper may not be as obvious once the artwork has been turned into a banner. Are there too many colours or not enough?

8. Is your banner easy to read?

Will somebody driving past be able to tell what you are promoting and know what to do? Can passers by remember the website address or phone number? Will somebody walking past be able to as well? That font might look good to you, but is it easy for your intended customers to read.

9. Are there too many colours on your banner?

Whilst you may be tempted to make use of all the colours available to get even better value for money, your banner will be easier to read if you keep the colours simple.

10. How will your banner be attached?

Often overlooked, how the banner will be attached is arguably just as important as the design of the banner. The popular choice is to use metal eyes so that rope or elastic cord can be used to easily hang the banner. Internal banners will not be subjected to wind and movement the same way that external banners will be. If you are able to use existing railings, or shop fixtures to hang your banner on, you can then decide which method of attaching will be best. Perhaps you will need to use additional fixing methods, or make alterations to the building structure.

Want to advertise your business to passing traffic? Need to let people know your restaurant is open longer? Want to tell people you’ve got a sale on? Then use banner advertising and let your customers know. Get a vinyl banner printed today.

Now that you know how to create the perfect advertising banner, why not get your message across with Vinyl Banner Printing and Large Banner Printing from Direct-Graphics.co.uk.
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