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Give A Good Presentation

By: Lynne Saarte

Presentation I have encountered so many catalogs over the years where the second I open the page I am confronted with a wall of square boxes with tiny pictures of products and details in each of them.

I can tell the company is trying to pack in as many products as they can into their catalog printing in the cheapest space possible, and I suppose I should give them credit for being able to use their space efficiently, but that does not mean I am going to buy anything from them.

When I walk into a store I am usually confronted by a large display for whatever the company is trying to focus on. This display typically has some sign with vibrant, eye-catching colors and large letters telling me the name and price. The display is so large I just cannot help but look over at it.

This is exactly the kind of thing you should be doing with your catalog printing. It is not just about giving people a lot of products to buy, but doing so in a way that appeals to the senses. Use good colors and varying sizes in order to give emphasis to certain products.

A wall of square boxes does not make me care very much about any of the products I am looking at. They have no personality and blend together. It is the catalogs that have half a page dedicated to one product, and take the time to tell me everything I need to know in an easy to read format that get me buying things.

Those are the companies taking control of their catalog printing to get the most out of it. They know what products they want to sell the most and what kind of effort is needed to get people reading.

Sure, they cannot fit nearly as many products into the catalog as someone who is using the space as efficiently as possible, but the products they do put in will have a better chance of selling. Sometimes you need to take your best products and give them the amount of promoting they deserve.

Vary up font size and color schemes to draw the eyes more to certain products. You need to instill the right amount of energy and excitement into your catalog or else no one else is going to be excited about it.

I have had plenty of occasions where I was looking forward to getting a new catalog in the mail because I knew the companies sending them did a great job of presenting their products. They made their catalogs fun to look through. Even if I did not end up buying something I still enjoyed seeing the products they had.

This helps set the right mood and feel for your company. If all you are doing is focusing on trying to get the next sale, or trying to promote as many products as possible, you will end up failing to sell any of them.

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