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Utilise Space with Office Plants

By: Paul Zanelli

Sales / Service We’re all familiar with the terms ‘Location, Location, Location’, thanks to the hugely popular Channel 4 television show and nowhere is location more important than when setting up or moving to a new business premises. Depending on the industry and business sector each and every business owner is likely to have considered the location of their company very carefully. A hotel owner for example, would be especially concerned with location as too would a car showroom company who would require a large commercial site.

But what does all this have to do with office plants? Put simply, if the numerous benefits of office plants should be utilised across all sectors but inner city office space is limited, should a business owner sacrifice one in favour of the other? The answer to this is no, because hiring the services of a professional interior landscaping company will ensure that they can have both.

As with buildings and office space, office plants come in all different shapes and sizes and with careful planning can be right at home in awkward hard to reach spaces, providing they are suitable for the climate. For example, it may be that you have an odd shaped office with lots of ‘nooks and crannies’ that are left empty as you are unable to make proper use of the space.

Installing a planted office display in this circumstance could leave you with multiple benefits as not only will your office look much nicer but the increase in productivity you should see in your staff should hopefully mean that you soon make back the money you invested in the office plants to begin with. This is especially convenient for companies based in inner city areas where office space is both limited and expensive.

On the other side of the coin, large car showrooms and sprawling leisure complexes may find themselves faced with huge empty spaces that echo and leave the room looking oversized. Under these circumstances large planted displays can help absorb the sound echoes whilst providing a stylish and natural focal point for you customers. It may also be that spaces such as these have a number of difficult to reach areas with limited access.

Large shopping centres, for instance, often have balcony areas that are inaccessible to most staff, but professional office plant specialists will be able to identify plants that will be able to survive with limited attention or at least supply more life like commercial silk plants to fill the space and make it appear more aesthetically pleasing.

In another example, a hotel chain may require a series of planted displays across a selection of hotels varying in size and each with different space available. Interior design plants can make a really good first impression if positioned correctly, for instance, in hotel reception areas, long symmetrical corridors or at strategic doorways and entrances. However, if used in the wrong space you may find your hotel looking more like ‘Kew Gardens’ rather than luxury accommodation.

To summarise then office plants and planted office displays make excellent additions to any business premises whether it’s a small office on the 15th floor of a city centre skyscraper, a large square showroom on the age of an industrial park, or a luxury hotel in the rural countryside. But remember if you are unsure about the space available or in fact whether office plants would be able to survive, a specialist interior landscaping company is definitely worth making space for!

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