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The 10 Best Ways to Relax in the Workplace

By: Konstantin Koss

Business The smart ones know that relaxation isn't synonymous to slacking off. If you want to do a good job at work, it's imperative that you know how and when you should relax and give your mind and body much needed respite to face upcoming tasks.

1. Eat Breakfast

Relaxation in the workplace is easier to accomplish with a full stomach. Power yourself up with breakfast before work. When you get to your office, your mind and body will be in a pleasant state that even the worst problems at work will have a hard time cracking.

2. Shake It Off

Relaxation is often a mental practice rather than a physical one. If you feel your problems weighing on your shoulders, straighten your back and just shrug them off your shoulders. Imagine them falling away and you'll put yourself in a better frame of mind.

3. Laugh Away

Doctors are still unanimous on this one. Laughter is still the best medicine. Even stress can be defeated with a laugh!

4. Yes to Punctuality and No to Procrastination

One excellent way of relaxing is by eliminating the causes of stress. Lack of punctuality as well as procrastination are two of the most common reasons for employees to experience stress and getting rid of them will not only keep your boss happy, but it can help you stay happy and healthy, too.

Wake up earlier to get to work on time and if you have time to spare, try accomplishing other tasks because you might not have enough time to complete them tomorrow.

5. Buy a Nice, Comfy Chair

Office jobs generally require you to stay on your seat for a good part of the day. Sitting on an ugly and uncomfortable chair can only contribute to your stress, making it more difficult for you to relax when you need to. The solution here is simple: buy a new chair, and one you'll feel right at home. Invest in something with the right type of back to keep yourself comfortable and cool at the same time. Go for padded seats for extra comfort and armrests. Finally, make sure the chair's adjustable to suit your moods and needs.

6. Clean Up Your Desk

There are two ways that eliminating clutter can contribute to relaxation. Firstly, signs of clutter are generally perceived by the mind as a distraction and, at times, even an omen for more trouble at work. Banish them from your sight and you'll relax more easily.

Now, the act of clearing out clutter in itself can be just as relaxing. If you're feeling particularly stressed, try to contribute a few minutes of your time to straightening your desk, even if the only thing you can do for now is arranging your papers and throwing out scraps. This is another symbolic procedure and wherein your mind equates throwing out rubbish to getting rid of your stress.

Clutter in your PC desktop, by the way, can be used for and benefit from the same procedure.

7. Wear Headphones

Use it either to listen to relaxing music or block out ambient noise. Either way, it puts distractions at bay and enables you to work in a more conducive setting. Of course, make sure you let your boss know that your plugged ears will also prevent you from hearing him call your name. But as a pair of headphones can improve your productivity in a long way, your boss surely has little reason to complain.

8. Use a Portable Fan

Sometimes, your office's ventilation system just isn't enough to keep yourself comfortably cool. For such instances, have a portable fan ready. Switch it on when your body - and maybe your temper, too - need cooling. Close your eyes and enjoy the breeze. When you open your eyes, you're sure to feel much better.

9. Have a Fountain Nearby

It doesn't have to be exceptionally big or expensive. A simple one won't cost you more than $20, and in return, you'll be soothed by the pleasant sound of running water. Put it in use with your portable fan, and you can close your eyes and imagine you're in the beach or cradled in Mother Nature's arms somewhere else.

10. Read a Travel Book

It would be wonderful if you had the money, time, or ability to transport yourself to your dream destination for a few minutes to relax and unwind. And when you're feeling calm, you can go back to work in a second and be more productive. While this is virtually impossible to do, nothing can stop your mind from traveling with a handy travel book nearby. Read about your favorite places when you're feeling stressed and in a matter of pages, you're ready to face your work again with a smile.

Copyright (c) 2008 Konstantin Koss

Konstantin Koss runs the popular website Real Relaxation.net. Want to learn more about stress and relaxation in the workplace? Visit his website athttp://realrelaxation.net/
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