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Multimedia Video Titling Softare

By: Patrica Stevens

Multimedia Video Fun Box is a utility for video processing, helping to create titling and special effects. If resources of your computer allow, with its help it is possible to create 3D titling and special effects in real time. Completely adjusted effects will help you to create exactly what you have conceived. The program can be used in a combination with any package for video processing, beginning from the Windows XP Movie Maker and finishing with Adobe Premiere. In the new version of the program the opportunity of preservation of separate images and their copings in the buffer of an exchange has been added, and also the set of mistakes has been corrected.

AVIedit is a small, but powerful program for work with video in format AVI. By its functionalities in many respects it coincides with Video Trope. This program allows to grasp the separate cadres and alive video in files of AVI format and to carry out their editing. Creation of clips by import of series of images by BMP files and animated GIF is possible and, on the contrary, an export of the chosen cadres or the whole clip to sequence of BMP, TARGA separate files or in other clip.

It is possible to create also a clip with text titling, specifying the size of a font and colour. Among other similar programs this software differs with greater flexibility of adjustments and convenience of work. In the program measures are taken for overcoming restriction in 2 Mbytes for the size of AVI files.

Digital Movie Studio is a program for editing of video, created by Hitachi Company. It allows creating MPEG-files (*.mpg) on the basis of video clips and static images, to add a sound track or to replace it, to add titling, date and time, to use effects of transition between the cadres, to change the speed of the image.

PowerVCR is software of CyberLink Company, which works as an interactive video camera. It writes down files directly in MPEG-1 format with CIF (352 ı 288) or SIF (352 ı 240) sanction that allows the user to save both time, and a place for a hard disk. PowerVCR also provides an opportunity of editing and creation of titling, and transformation the files from AVI format to MPEG-1. It has intuitively clear user interface. The program allows receiving a signal from the video recorder or video cameras, and also from a TV-tuner.

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