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USB Memory Sticks: The Benefit of Using Memory Sticks to Distribute Your Documents

By: Pamela Lund

Multimedia Your printer is always thirsty for ink and you eat through reams of paper for presentations. Why not take your presentation to the next level? Use customized USB flash drives imprinted with your company’s logo for your next presentation. Leave the personalized flash drive with the client so they can refer back to it at any time. You save on paper and printing, they get a lightweight, personalized USB presentation.

The benefits of using custom USB drives for presentations are numerous, both for you and for your client.

Benefits for you:
• Updates can be made at the last minute
• Much more complete information can be left with the client
• Printing costs plummet

Benefits for your client:
• All of your presentation information is at their fingertips
• They can easily email your presentation to others in their company
• They don’t have to carry one hundred pages to review your presentation
• If hard copies are needed, they can print their own

Bulk flash drives imprinted with your company’s logo can be loaded with all kinds of company information tailored to your client or prospective client. Imagine being able to leave your PowerPoint presentation with your voice narrating it. You can also leave an audio copy of the actual question and answer part of your presentation. Add a link to your company’s website. Include a one-click link to email you directly. These are just a few ways to make the most out of your personalized flash drive presentations.

Personalized USB drives can be completely tailor-made for each recipient. Of course, you can change the names in the documents on the custom USB flash drives. But you can also include all of the technical specifications for the Chief Engineering Officer or all of your company’s catalogs for the purchasing officer. The options are virtually endless.

Also, be sure to leave memory space on the custom USB flash drives for the client to use. The client will enjoy the ease of saving documents related to your company right on the personalized USB you gave them. This means leaving the client at least 500mb of memory on your custom USB presentations.

Your company can even email updated information with instructions on how to save to their personalized USB drive. By doing this, you can keep the client up-to-date on price changes, new items, special offers, and more. If you are dealing with a client who is not computer-literate enough to complete these updates, stop by their office and update their personalized USB drives yourself. This is also a great way to get regular face-time with your customers.

Custom USB flash drives that have been personalized to fit each individual client are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to leave a lasting presentation.

For more information on custom USB flash drives visit www.BespokeUSB.com.
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